Novena to St. Joseph

St. Joseph, protector of the Catholic Church, is also the model for fathers and men to follow. He obeyed God for every decision he had to make, from taking care of Mary and her Son, fleeing to Egypt, and settling in Nazareth. He is the example of humility, gentleness and faithfulness. Many people pray to St. Joseph, a great intercessor to God, who never forgets to answer our prayers! Praying a novena to St. Joseph shows our trust and fidelity in him, he who is the example of fidelity!

Two Novenas to St. Joseph

A Novena for the Virtues of St. Joseph

For nine days we will pray to St. Joseph for a specific intention.
After each intention say 1 Hail St. Joseph, 1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary and 1 Glory Be.

Day 1 - Memory of the Father

“Like you, St. Joseph, may we live our lives with respect and understanding for all those that we meet. Help us to believe that we are sons and daughters of God.”

Day 2 - Guide for the Man of Today

“St. Joseph you are called the saint of the incarnation. We ask that for each of us you continue to be a model of a father who is just and responsible in a world today where families are in peril and need to be saved.”

Day 3 - St. Joseph and the Home

“May we welcome into our homes Mary and the Infant Jesus. Do not be afraid! St. Joseph, protector of families, help us to understand the true meaning of paternity and help all fathers to find their true identity.”

Day 4 - Model of the Incarnation

“St. Joseph, you accepted the “Annunciation” to live finally with Mary despite the disapproval of others. St. Joseph teach us how important it is to not break our family or conjugal ties when we are faced with difficulties. Help us in our families, to overcome solitude, revolt and the idea of divorce or separation.”

Day 5 - A light in our Darkness

“St. Joseph you were worried when you couldn’t find shelter for the birth of Jesus. You received with confidence a place that was totally forgotten - the creche! Help us, despite our weaknesses, to welcome the Infant Jesus into our hearts.”

Day 6 - Protector in Sickness

"St. Joseph help us not to withdraw into ourselves when we are experiencing difficulties or sickness. Help us to open up ourselves to the will of our Father just like in the beatitudes. We entrust you with all those who are sick and suffering.”

Day 7 - St. Joseph, Protector of the Church

“St. Joseph , guardian of Jesus and the Holy Family, you became, through the grace of God,  the guardian of the Church. Teach us to love our Church, to always be faithful to the Eucharist, and to not be afraid to give testimony and show our love unconditionally.”

Day 8 - St. Joseph and Brotherly Love

“Through the union of the hearts of Jesus and Mary, we join the gentle and just heart of St. Joseph. Teach us to be instruments of peace and love in our daily lives for those who are waiting on our help.”

Day 9 - St. Joseph, Patron of a Happy Death and the Souls of Purgatory

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph, pray for us and the members of our family at the moment of our death. We entrust you with all those who are dear to us, especially those that have passed away. May the Lord welcome them into Paradise where all together they live in Eternal bliss.”

A Novena on the Holiness of St. Joseph

For nine consecutive days, take the time to meditate on the holiness of St. Joseph. Let his virtues become part of you by asking St. Joseph to intercede in your life and help you follow Christ. St. Joseph was the guardian and father of the Holy Family. Come follow in his footsteps. Each day you will also pray the Memorare of St. Joseph.

Why Pray a Novena to St. Joseph?

St. Joseph is Father of the Holy Family, husband of the Virgin Mary, and the first man to see  and know Christ. He took care of Jesus and loved him during his entire life. These unique characteristics make him a figure of reference in many different domaines.

St. Joseph is also a saint who has the reputation of never disappointing his prayers. St. Theresa of Avila confided “I know by experience that glorious St. Joseph, he extends his power to all those who need him (....) Let us today give credit to this great saint; I would like to persuade everyone to honor this particular cult (....) Already, for the past few years, I have asked him on his feast day, a particular favour, and I have always been heard.”

Don’t hesitate to ask the Father of the Holy Family for help in housing, work, family, married life, or just simply to intercede in your daily life!

How to Pray a Novena to St. Joseph?

St. Joseph is such an important saint that several days in the year have been dedicated to him!

The Feast of St. Joseph

Every March 19th we celebrate the feast of St. Joseph. Many novenas begin on March 12th and give us the opportunity to either thank him or ask for his intercession. It could be a novena where you pray the same prayer, such as the Hail St. Joseph, for nine consecutive days or it could recite a chaplet to St. Joseph.

The Feast of St. Joseph, the Worker

 St. Joseph is also celebrated on May 1st every year, which is Labor Day, as he is the patron saint for workers. Many novenas to St. Joseph the Worker begin nine days before, on April 23rd, asking for his intercession in finding employment, or asking for a particular grace in the workplace or in a talent.

Pray to St. Joseph any time of Year with Hozana!

We can pray to St. Joseph at any time of the year, as soon as we feel that we need his powerful intercession to help us find employment, housing, help with the family, or even just to say thank you and give thanks and put ourselves under his protection with an act of consecration. Many novenas exist that can be said all throughout the year. In fact, praying a novena is not the only way to pray to St. Joseph. We can also meditate on his holiness or say a prayer everyday in honor of him.

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