Night Prayer

In order to grow spiritually and get closer to God, every Christian is encouraged to take the time to pray daily. It is only when we take the time to stop what we are doing, and put ourselves in the presence of God that He can guide and talk to us! What Christian doesn’t want to give more time to God and listen to what He wants them to do?

A Short Evening Prayer

O Only-Begotten Word of the Father, Jesus Christ, who alone are perfect:
according to the greatness of your mercy, do not abandon me, your servant,
but ever rest in my heart.
O Sweet Jesus, Good Shepherd of Your flock, deliver me from the attacks of The Enemy.
Do not allow me to become the prey of Satan's evil intent, even though I have within me the seed of eternal damnation.
Instead, O Lord Jesus Christ, adorable God, Holy King, while I sleep, protect me by Your Holy spirit, through Whom You sanctified Your Apostles.
Enlighten my mind by the light of the Holy Gospel, my soul by the love of Your Cross,
my heart by the purity of Your teaching.
Protect my body by Your sacred passion, my senses by Your humility,
and awaken me in due time for Your glorification.
For You, above all, are adorable, together with Your eternal Father,
and the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and forever.

Amen. (St. Antiochus)

Night Prayer - Why and How

What do you do just before bedtime? Night or Evening Prayer is the best way for any Christian to end their day! Night Prayer, with the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit,  is the ideal time to examine how your day went. You can:

  • Thank God for all of the good moments and discussions as well as all the beautiful people you have met that day.
  • Ask for forgiveness for all the times you had lost your temper, lacked understanding and mercy, and not done the good that you would have liked to have done.
  • Offer God your sleep and any intentions you may have in your heart for yourself and your loved ones.

Of course your Night Prayer can be said at any time in the evening, after dinner with the kids or just before going to bed etc. How you say your Night Prayer is also up to you and a very personal choice. There isn’t any right or wrong way to pray. Some are comfortable with spontaneous prayer, speaking to God freely like a conversation with a close friend. Others prefer to use existing prayers as it helps them to be more focused and they find it more nourishing for their faith. If you are lost for ideas, you can just say an Our Father and a Hail Mary!

A Night Prayer just for You!

A multitude of Night and Evening Prayers exist! Everyone can find a Night or Evening Prayer that suits their spiritual needs and personality. Here are just a few examples:

Hozana helps all of us for Evening Prayer!

The most difficult thing about praying in general is perseverance - keeping up with it over time! We all make resolutions and have good intentions BUT on certain days, it’s our laziness that wins! We end up going to bed thinking “tomorrow I’ll start over”! What a shame! God truly NEEDS our fidelity in prayer to be able to change our hearts. Sticking to it, is a work in progress, a long term endeavour.

Hozana is convinced that prayer is powerful! Hozana’s website can help each of us persevere in prayer each day. They offer a very wide selection of prayer communities to meet everyone’s spiritual needs and personality, helping us all to live daily in the presence of Christ. For example, each day you can receive a different prayer, the Gospel of the day, or a meditation. It’s up to you to choose which community you would like to be part of and feel the joy of praying together in Christian environment.

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