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Please Pray to save the Evers Farm from Industrial Development. Dad and Mom always taught me tht Gods Land is much more important than all the money in world .



Lord keep me healthy and protect me from all evil and my friends amen

Hozana has been a Godsend for me! My prayer life has been enriched exponentially. I truly do ponder these things in my heart and my faith has been deepened. In times of despair, I have been uplifted, not only by what I read and pray, but also by being given the opportunity to share my prayer intentions and have others praying for them. I am eternally grateful to all of you.


I find Hozana makes me more aware of the Communion of Saints. It helps to know the names of individual people with whom I share a prayer and for whom I am praying. It gives me a snese of belonging to a worlwide web of prayer.


Hozana is very powerful ????.


Let yourself be guided in your faith

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