On the occasion of the Rosary Pilgrimage, let us pray for each other so that our hearts be opened to the graces the Lord wants to give us.

1. A vast rosary of prayer.

From October 6 to 11, we will be 20 000 in Lourdes to live under the gaze of the Father who elected us in Christ to be holy and blameless before him in love (Eph 1: 4). We will pray to be filled with His graces and share what we have received. Following St. Bernadette teachings: has she not had as a catechist Mary, the Immaculate Conception, full of grace? Because we don't want to be alone, we will form a large prayer chain. In Lourdes and elsewhere in the world, everyone will pray for all to be filled with God’s graces and to share those graces! For those who can, we will meet live each day at 18:30 for the Rosary at the Grotto. Many communities will join in this prayer chain ...

Why not you?

2. Concretely

We offer that each day from october 6th to 11th you pray a decade of the rosary, united with the pilgrims who are in Lourdes, and to say the following prayer:

Lord, Thou hast bestowed Thy gifts to Mary.
Give us by her intercession to welcome the graces that Thou want to give us.
Give us to live of those graces and to share them around us.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

3. Who are we?

The Rosary Pilgrimage is organized since 1908 by dominicans. It brings to Lourdes each year, nearly 20,000 pilgrims, sick and healthy, young and older ones! The Pilgrimage, is made of beautiful liturgies, conferences, meetings and personal prayer time too! This year we hope to open this pilgrimage to the internet.

People praying with this community around the world :

Hozana.org is a Christian praying network, to create and share prayer chains. Hozana.org was launched in French in February 2014, and will soon be launched in other languages. Stay tuned!