How does it work?

Hozana's mission is to make the world more prayerful, through the communion of saints: join spiritual communities, pray alongside regular publications, and bring your friends!


Join the communities

Join communities of prayer

These communities are run by laypersons, parishes, dioceses, organizations, charities, as well as religious communities. Join one or more communities that speak to your heart! 

Pray using the publications

Pray using the publications

Publications, or posts, are the means of communication between the community and its members. They are released periodically by the community bearer or the community manager and contain quality spiritual material that will help you pray. To check out your communities' publications, visit your prayer space on your homepage. You may also receive new publications by email. 

Invite your friends

Bring your friends

The world is in dire need of prayer!

Help your brothers and sisters pray by spreading the word about your community, whether in person or on social media.


The communion of saints is a great network, capable of uniting millions of people, even between Heaven and earth, without any connection issue. No need for cables or waves, but prayer. Messages exchanged cannot be heard with the ears or read with the eyes but rather felt with the heart. Much more than a simple bond, prayer establishes a real communion among people who pray.  


 Hozana is not a short-lived meeting website. The encounters made here are of the invisible kind, yet they are stronger than any other because they are written into eternity. 

How is that even possible? Simply because the prayers on this network rely not on a server, but on a "Servant", who has the ability to amplify the range and the strength of said prayers:  the Son of God himself! Therefore, what seems insignificant becomes overwhelming, when passing through Christ. 

He tells us: "Ask and you shall receive; seek and you shall find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened." (Matthew 7,7-8) .

 Likewise, when our Lady appeared to St. Catherine Labouré in Paris, she shared the same idea: "there are so many graces for which souls forget to ask..."

The way God answers our prayers often remains mysterious. Let us consider the Paralytic in Matthew 9,1-8: Jesus was asked to grant this man physical recovery. Instead, Jesus forgave his sins, in an invisible act. Jesus didn't grant physical recovery as asked, but he gave much more: he saved the man's soul. 

Let us ask with faith, that is, with trust: let us believe that God will always grant us what is best for us, even though it may remain invisible to our eyes. 

Fr. Antoine Hardy, St. Louis d'Antin Parish Vicar, Paris, and team Hozana.