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Frequently asked questions

You may join a community of prayer by visiting its homepage and clicking on ‘Join’. Starting from that moment, all newly written publications from this community will be displayed in your prayer space (Menu > My prayer space). You may leave a community at any time by simply clicking on ‘Leave the community’.

Comment rejoindre ou quitter une communauté

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It is necessary to be registered with Hozana to create and facilitate a prayer community.
Login to Hozana, then in your Prayer space (Menu > My Prayer space), click on « Create a prayer community »

Créer une communauté

For more information, please go to « how to create a prayer community » -

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  1. Check your membership status within the community. You should be able to do so by clicking on Menu > My communities: you will see a list of the communities which you joined.
  2. If you created your Hozana account with Facebook, you will receive Hozana’s emails on the address associated with your Facebook account. You may change the receiving email address by clicking on Menu >Settings.

  3. Check your settings regarding email notifications by clicking on Menu >Settings.

  4. As a last resort, you can check your Spam folder.

If none of the steps above solved the issue, please send us an email describing the problem at [email protected] 

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Hozana is first and foremost a tool allowing the creation and management of communities of prayer, which may be private or public. However, you can submit a personal intention on the website. It will be displayed for 48 hours. You may renew it or submit another one as much as you wish. You may also pray for other users' intentions. 

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  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click on Menu > "My Profile"
  3. Click on “Edit” (or Modify) and proceed with the desired changes
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You may edit your e-mails notifications settings as follow:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on Menu > "My settings"
  3. Within the settings, check the e-mails you wish to receive. 

  4. Click on ”Save”

If you simply wish to stop receiving e-mails from a specific community of prayer, please see ‘How do I join/leave a community prayer’.

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My account

From the homepage, click on ‘Connect’ (right top corner). 

If you used Google + or Facebook to register, click on the corresponding icon, then use the email address and password you provided upon registration. 

If you used your email address to create an account, enter it in the dedicated field and submit the password you chose. In case you forgot your password, click on “I forgot my password” and follow the instructions.

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  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on « My profile » (from the main menu)
  3. Click on « Settings » (on the right top corner of your profile page).
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On the homepage, click on “Register”, located at the top right corner.

On mobile, click on “Login”, then on “Register”. Follow the instructions and fill out the information in the required fields. You may as well use either your Facebook or Google + account to sign up even faster.

Créer une communauté

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No. You may use a regular e-mail address. 

On the home page, click on « Registration » and fill out the information in the required fields.

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We chose to keep Hozana anonymous. Therefore, you cannot find a person directly. 

However, if you know someone with a Hozana account, you may ask them to:

  1. Log in
  2. Go to their profile page 
  3. Copy and paste their profile URL. (For example,
  4. Send you their profile URL (by email, DM, etc.)

You may then log in, paste your friend’s URL into your web browser, and click on “follow”.

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We only ask for your first name upon registration, for privacy protection and prayer intimacy. If, however, you provided your last name and wish to remove it, you may do so by editing the name on your profile. Please refer to question “How do I edit my profile?”.

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If you simply wish to receive fewer e-mails from Hozana, you may edit your e-mail notifications parameters: please see question “How do I manage my e-mail preferences?”.

If you are receiving too many e-mails from a specific community of prayer, please see question “How do I join/leave a community prayer?”.

To delete your account:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on your Avatar to open the menu
  3. Go to the “Settings and Notifications” section (in the menu)
  4. Click on "Delete my account" at the bottom of the page

Or access parameters by clicking on the following link :

The data collected and processed by the Hozana website originate from the information you choose to provide us by filling out the various forms available on the site, such as your first name, email address, date of birth, city, language, and your preferences regarding religious topics.

Your IP address, which is an identification number assigned to your device when you are connected to the Internet, is automatically collected for tracking and maintenance purposes. You are informed that the service may use an automated tracking process, such as a cookie, which you can oppose by modifying the settings of your internet browser.

In general, you can visit our site without disclosing any personal information about yourself. In any case, you are not obliged to provide this information. However, if you refuse, you may not be able to benefit from certain information or services.

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For community managers

Please do keep in mind the following guidelines:

The objective of Hozana is to promote and strengthen prayer at both personal and community levels. The website is run by Catholic laypersons, with the support of Catholic clergy. Hozana is intended for all people of good will who want to pray to Jesus and ask for the intercession of Mary. Praying is asking the Father: O God, come to my assistance; O Lord, make haste to help me.

The prayer communities submitted by users and saved on Hozana’s website will be validated by the moderating team before going online. Keeping in mind the loving and praying spirit of the website, we will not authorize the publication of aggressive or harmful intentions, political or partisan in nature, or any content that may violate a person’s privacy. Advertising or commercial solicitation within prayer communities is not allowed unless prior written consent is obtained.

Comments posted on Hozana by users will not be moderated prior to their publication but must adhere to the spirit of this charter. Each community manager is responsible for enforcing the charter within their community, including comments section. Any member, not necessarily a community manager, may report inappropriate or disrespectful behavior to the moderating team. 

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When you create a community, a lot of people can join in to pray with the publications that you write.

  1. We encourage you to post content (publications) regularly.
  2. Invite your friends, using social media or email.
  3. Use Hozana’s private messaging service to relay important community-related information to your subscribers. 
  4. Ask active members of your community to become bearers/moderators.

For more information, please visit:

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Go to your community homepage and click on “Send a message to members”.

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You may do so by checking the box “private” on the main page, in the process of creating your community (see “How do I create a community of prayer?). Your community can only be accessed by people with whom you share the community link. 

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You may create a private community of prayer. Your intention will be accessed and viewed only by the people with whom you share the community link (see below: “What does “public” or “private” status mean?”)

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Public prayer communities:

They will publicly appear on the website under the “Discover communities” section, and/or in the “Community suggestions” of your prayer space. They may be indexed in search engines and shared on social media.

Private prayer communities:

They allow you to manage your prayer groups and networks (chaplaincy, sharing groups, friends…) privately. They can be accessed only by the persons with whom you will share the link. 

They will not appear in the community suggestions of your prayer space, nor will they be visible in the communities list under “Discover the communities” section. 

They will not be indexed by search engines and will not be visible in the list of communities you follow in your public profile. 

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You may change your community status by visiting your community page and clicking on “Edit”.

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If the community topic is considered intimate, such as health issues, prayers for healing, family problems, etc., the person’s privacy is paramount. You may not disclose any personal information or picture. You may only use the person’s first name.

On the other hand, if the community topic is not confidential, such as a marriage, you may publish personal pictures and use both first and last names if you wish.

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Login to your account and then…

Choose a picture that is at least 696 pixels large, and is saved on your computer. Then:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Go to your community homepage
  3. Click on « Modify description »
  4. Click on « Browse »
  5. Select a picture on your hard drive
  6. Click on « Save »
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Log into your account then follow these steps:

  1. on your community homepage, to the right, click on ‘Edit description’ inside the banner ‘Manage my community’ 

  2. You may insert a video or a picture in the form: click on the corresponding icon.

  3. Copy the URL of the video

  4. Save your changes.

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All the communities you created, regardless of their status, can be found in your Administrator section (Menu > Administrator section). 

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Other questions

If inappropriate content is found in a publication from the community, you may report it by clicking on the option icon found at the top of each publication. Select “report inappropriate content” and describe the situation. The moderation team will be immediately informed and will take appropriate measures. 

If inappropriate content is found in a user’s comment, you may report such content by sending a message to the community bearer, as it is his/her responsibility.

When you create a community of prayer on Hozana, it is your responsibility to monitor and moderate the comments inside your community. You may choose, if needed, to delete comments that do not comply with Hozana’s guidelines. 

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A Community Bearer’s role is twofold: administrative and pastoral.

On the administrative side, you may modify the community (change picture, edit description, update status), communicate with the members, write, schedule and moderate publications.

On the pastoral side, your mission is to guide the community members on their prayer path and cultivate the community’s specific identity.
Community bearers are appointed by the community creator. There may be more than one community bearer. 

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A Community Moderator is mostly responsible for writing, scheduling and moderating publications. This role is important since community members rely heavily on the publications to progress on their personal prayer path. 

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We chose to keep Hozana profiles anonymous to preserve the intimacy of prayer. Praying is and must remain a personal act, it is our private relationship with the Lord.

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With Hozana, you can follow a specific user, even though the user’s account is anonymous. You’ll then be notified when this user creates or joins a community or leaves a comment. You may follow several users and you’ll be notified when someone follows you.

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With Hozana, you can embed a community of prayer to any website, thus displaying the essential elements of the community as well as the last three publications directly onto the website.

It’s an easy and clever way to share your community and spread the Gospel!

Intégrer une communauté Hozana

The websites listed below are using this advantageous feature:

How to proceed?

  1. Click on the button on the right of the community. A window will open.
  2. Click on « copy » to copy the code.
  3. Paste the code into the source code of your website.

Note: you need to be able to modify your website. If you don't have the rights to do so, please contact your website administrator.

If you need further help, please contact us: [email protected]

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We will be happy to help you! Send us your question using the contact form located at

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