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Pray for Mission: Daily Reflections for Mission Month

Receive daily reflections throughout the month of October (Mission Month) to help you pray for, and therefore participate in, our global mission to be witnesses to Christ.

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Miracle Prayers for Your Problems

Every problem in your life is a MIRACLE waiting to happen ! Turn to God in prayer and let your life become a living miracle ! God wants to make something beautiful in your life !

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Lenten retreat 2022. Easter: Way of the Cross

Easter: Way of the Cross is a guided series of scriptures, reflections and prayers that follow the encounters leading up to the crucifixion of Christ. Join us in preparing Easter!

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Novena to the Immaculate Conception for the 8th of December

With the "Family of Our Lady of Lourdes" pray the Worldwide Novena to the Immaculate, and you can join her for the 8th "Hommage to the Immaculate" the 8th of december in Lourdes

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Novena to the Servant of God: Carlo Acutis

Novena with Carlo Acutis, beatified on the 10.10.2020 in Assisi.

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Weekly Meditations with Fr Gavan Jennings

Weekly meditations on the life of Jesus, his Church and how we can attain sanctity. New episodes every Monday at 6pm GMT.

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Lay down your burdens: Our Lady of Walsingham Novena

"All who come there shall find help in their need." Lay down your burdens at the feet of Our Lady of Walsingham. Come and honour her and her Son, Jesus. The feast is on September 24.

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Holy Family Novena

in 35 days Holy Family Novena

God chose to come into world as a child in a family. By meditating on the Holy Family, may we learn what holiness looks like for our families during both joyful and sorrowful times.

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Novena for Spiritual Warfare

Let's offer prayers in this Novena for Spiritual Warfare, that God will assist us in our fight against Satan and will always protect us from the Devil's snares!

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For Peace in the Family with Joseph and His Brothers

Pray for peace in your family for 9 days with this novena. In Genesis, the story of Joseph and his brothers is quite astonishing, and it can help you!

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Discerning and accepting our vocation with Moses

What is your vocation? You can follow God's call as a single person, married person, ordained priest or a vowed religious. Follow in the steps of Moses to discover and accept your vocation.

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Pray with the news, pray for the world: Mission Rosary

Every week receive prayer intentions with the news for the 5 continents for your Rosary prayer! Join us now in praying for our world!

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Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal I ask you for a MIRACLE!

9 days to ask Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal for a MIRACLE in your life! In this novena, discover the inspiring life of Saint Catherine Labouré, who met Our Lady!

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Novena for Peace of Mind

Join us in prayer to ease your anxiety as we entrust our worries to God. We rely on the Lord, our shelter against all the storms of life.

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Financial help: novena to Saint Matthew

Pray this powerful novena to Saint Matthew for help with your financial needs.

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Claim healing: Novena of the Healing Hands of Jesus

Praying with Faith and expelling evil with Jesus' Authority by the power of His Healing Hands, healings, deliverances, and blessings are witnessed day after day by the devouts of the HHJ.

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Novena to Pauline Jaricot

For Pauline Jaricot's beatification, Missio/the Pontifical Mission Societies offer you this novena to get to know her and ask the Lord for the grace of a true interior conversion.

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Novena for the gift of prayer to St. Charles de Foucauld

Pray this novena of prayer to St. Charles de Foucauld for the gift of a deeper interior contemplative prayer. The novena asks for a gift to find the inner room that JESUS has promised.

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For studies or for mental health with St. Joseph of Cupertino

Join us for 9 days of prayer with Saint Joseph of Cupertino, patron of studying 📚, flying ✈️, aviators, and those who are suffering from mental health difficulties. St. Joseph, pray for us!

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Novena to Our Lady of Peñafrancia

Join us for this novena of prayer through the intercession of Our Lady of Peñafrancia! She is the Patroness of the sick, the afflicted, and the Queen of the Bicol region of the Philippines.

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Novena to Saint Ignatius of Loyola

St Ignatius of Loyola is the Patron saint of soldiers, educators, education, and the Society of Jesus which he founded in the 1500s. His Feast day is July 31st

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Novena to St. Mary Magdalene

A great novena to give us the opportunity to form ourselves in the school of Mary Magdalene and to become with her, true missionary disciples with an ardent heart and full of daring.

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Meet Your Soulmate with the Novena to St. Valentine

May St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers, intercede for you, and help you find the spouse you're hoping for. Let us pray for one another: let Our Father guide us!

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The Seven Last Words: Seven Blessings from the Cross

This online Lenten retreat will invite you to reflect on the Seven Last words of Christ on the Cross and to receive them as blessings.

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Advent with Pope Francis and Laudato Si'

An Advent retreat guided by the words of Pope Francis and his encyclical Laudato Si' to prepare for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ - the light of the world and all Creation.

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 Requiescat in pace Elizabeth II

Pray for the soul of Elizabeth II. Pray for her successor, His Majesty King Charles III. Pray of the Kingdom, the Commonwealth and their people, and for the conversion of all.

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Studies: for success! A three-day retreat with St. Luke.

Start well to be successful in your studies and in your life! Begin your university year full of confidence with this simple three-day retreat written by Father Joseph Evans.

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Addictions: 3 Days of Prayer & Advice for Friends & Relatives

Is someone close to you suffering from addiction? Receive 3 days of prayers and advice for yourself and to pray for those suffering from addiction! 🙏

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Pregnancy: from Conception to Baptism

Every week, from the conception to the baptism of your child, follow this retreat based on the book by Sarah A. Reinhard. Follow you baby's development, pray and meditate.

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Advent from Ampleforth Abbey

Christmas is around the corner and the 'to-do-list' is getting longer: cards, presents, food. The important thing 'to do' is prepare spiritually and that's what Advent is about.

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