Prayers to St. Benedict

St. Benedict, whose name comes from the Latin word “Benedictus” (“Blessed”), is a very important saint. He was proclaimed the patron saint of Europe by Pope Paul VI in 1964. Benedict is the creator of the famous “Rule”, a series of books of precepts and values around which is organised a large part of the monastic life in Europe. 

St. Benedict was an Italian from the small town Norcia.  At 15, he went to Rome to pursue his studies. Soon after, he decided to live in seclusion, away from the temptations of the city: he desired to dedicate himself to God only. After going through a series of difficult challenges, St. Benedict established the first Benedictine monastery: the Abbey of Monte Cassino. Discover a few prayers to St. Benedict

Three Prayers to St. Benedict

Prayer of St. Gertrude of Helfta to St. Benedict

“I salute you through the Heart of Jesus, O great St. Benedict; I rejoice in your glory and I give thanks to our Lord for all the benefits which He has showered upon you; I praise Him, and glorify Him, and offer you for an increase of your joy and honor, the most gentle Heart of Jesus. Deign therefore, to pray for me that I may become according to the Heart of God. Amen.”

A Prayer to St. Benedict Against the Snares of the Enemy

“O God, You honored the precious death of Your servant, the most holy St. Benedict, with glorious privileges. As we honor his memory, grant us, we implore You, the grace to be protected against the snares of the Enemy, and at the hour of our death, through his benevolent presence. Through Christ, Our Lord.


Prayer to St. Benedict for Fortitude

“Sublime model of celestial life, most glorious St. Benedict, our Doctor and guide, your soul exults in Heaven, united to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Gentle shepherd, guard us, your sheep: fortify us with your holy prayers, and enlighten for us the path to follow you into Heaven.

Through Christ, Our Lord, 


A Prayer to St. Benedict and St. Scholastica for Family

“O Saint Benedict and Saint Scholastica,
you were brother and sister,
and you both became saints.
In remembrance of your fraternal friendship,
please come to help our families,
so that they may be as united as you
in one same faith and same love of God,
and that they may become households of holiness.

By the merits of your life,
entirely consecrated to Christ,
obtain that we may follow the path of the Gospel
and faithfulness to the Church,
and that we may seek God together,
through religious practice and communal prayer.
Following your example, may our families pray frequently
to progress in unity and love.

Help us live in esteem and mutual respect,
seeing Christ Jesus in every one of our near ones.
Make us more generous in forgiving,
more attentive in listening, more open in receiving.
May we preserve peace through charity.

You whose heart was so compassionate,
comfort families in difficult situations,
those under the trial of unemployment,
sickness or loss of dear ones.
Rescue the separated spouses,
the unloved children, the abandoned parents.
Protect the youth, preserve vocations.
Watch over the safety of our homes,
and implore for peace in every family of the world.

Stay near to us in the hour of our death,
with Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
and obtain that we may open ourselves
to the mercy of God,
so that He may grant us the grace
to be reunited with you in Heaven
and live eternally happy with Our Father most kind,
and His Son, Christ Jesus our Brother,
and their Spirit of Love.


Why Pray to St. Benedict?

St. Benedict refused everything that could pull him away from the Lord. Throughout his life, he sought to “prefer nothing to the love of Christ”. St. Benedict’s intercession is very powerful: he is a reference when praying against the difficulties on the path to faith. You can pray to St. Benedict with prayers for protection against evil, prayers to eliminate negativity, or the famous exorcism medal prayer against malign influences. You can also pray a chaplet or a novena to St. Benedict, and recite his prayer to seek and find God. As the patron saint of Europe, you can also pray to him for the protection of the continent, and bring to its countries abounding graces. 

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