Morning Prayer

As Christians, we are invited to pray daily as it helps us to grow in our relationship with God. Beginning our day with Morning Prayer makes us available to the Lord who desires to accompany us throughout the day. By placing ourselves voluntarily in Jesus’ presence and by expressing our gratitude to Him, we are ready to receive His peace and joy! Here are two examples of morning prayer written by three wonderful saints!

A Catholic Morning Prayer by St. Francis of Assisi

In the silence of this new day, I come to ask for PEACE, WISDOM, and STRENGTH.
Today, I wish to look at the world with eyes beaming with love.
To be understanding, meek, and wise.
To see your children beyond appearances as You see them yourself.
Close my ears to all calumny. Guard my tongue from all malice.
May only thoughts that bless dwell in my spirit.
May I be so kind and so full of joy,that all who come near me may feel your presence.
Clothe me with your beauty, Lord that throughout this day I may reveal You.

A Morning Prayer Offering by St. Teresa of Lisieux

My God, I offer You all the actions of this day in union with the intentions and glory of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I wish to sanctify each and every heartbeat, every thought, every simple little action, by joining them to His infinite merits ; and I desire to make reparation for my sins by casting them into the furnace of His merciful love.
O my God ! For myself and for all my dear ones, I implore the grace to perfectly fulfill Your holy will and to accept for love of You all the joys and sorrows of this passing life, so that one day we may be united in Heaven for all eternity. Amen.

Morning Prayer - how to begin

There isn’t any fixed way to do your Morning Prayer: it can be spontaneous, recited, sung… If it helps, you can even use existing prayers : the Catholic tradition overflows with beautiful morning prayers written by saints and contemporaries, as well as certain biblical texts and verses that can be very helpful. You can try meditating on a chosen prayer, being silent to let it become part of your entire being and then saying freely whatever comes to your mind to God.

A Morning Prayer for each situation

Among the many existing Morning Prayers, you can find a prayer that perfectly fits your need as well as your personality. Here are just a few examples:

Hozana helps everyone pray each morning!

Through prayer, God transforms our hearts and changes the world. Everyday, Jesus invites each of us personally to welcome Him into our lives and receive His many graces. He invites us to pray, offer up our lives, our day, and our actions. Jesus has so much to give us! Yet, our prayer time often seems aride: we just don’t get it, we become bored and end up abandoning our good resolutions.

Hozana can help you take giant steps in your prayer life. For some, Hozana allows the discovery or rediscovery of the joy of praying, the joy of an authentic daily encounter with Jesus, heart to heart. For others, Hozana allows the practice of faithfulness and constancy in prayer, like an athlete who learns how to be steadfast for each training session. To achieve this goal, Hozana offers a very large spectrum with hundreds of proposed prayers, in the image of the Church’s wealth of diversity!

How about joining your first prayer community to help you get started in your Daily Prayer life? Each morning, in your personalised prayer corner, you will find very enriching content to help you get closer to God and grow in holiness. For example, you could reflect on the daily Gospel and the commentaries from great spiritual leaders, or receive every morning a prayer from Scriptures or sacred Tradition.

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