Catholic Prayers

The Lord’s Prayer, the Hail Mary, the Apostles’ Creed are all fundamental prayers of Christian tradition. But whether you are praying with a community, or praying on your own, there are many other prayers that you can recite to bring your intentions to God, and express your gratitude.

We have compiled a list of prayers to answer your prayer preferences: if you love praying to the Virgin Mary, or the Saints; if you feel more comfortable saying short prayers, or reciting traditional ones, discover or revisit these beautiful prayers to enrich your oratory content. 

Christian Prayers

Many prayers are common to every branch of Christianity, namely Catholicism, Protestantism, and Orthodoxy. Christian prayers remind us that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ: He is our true identity. Discover a few main Christian prayers:

  • The Lords’ Prayer. The “Our Father” is the first Christian prayer, passed down to us by Jesus Christ Himself.

  • The Liturgy of the Hours, daily prayer Offices for every Christian.

  • The Apostles’ Creed (in its longer form the Niceno-constantinopolitan Creed), a profession of faith from the time of the Primitive Church, defining the tenets of Christian faith.

  • The “Glory Be”, a prayer of praise to the Holy Trinity.

Powerful Prayers

God always hears our prayers, if they are recited with fervor and complete abandonment to Him. Keep a patient heart and trusting heart, to be able to discern the work of God in your life and welcome His graces. Whatever our difficulties or requests may be, you can always leave them into the hands of the Lord. Here are a few prayers to help you invite God into your heart, and let Him work through you. 

Beautiful Prayers to The Virgin Mary

The Queen of Angels, the Greatest of All Saints, the Mother of Christ… Our Mother Mary has numerous titles, and she is the subject of an important devotion.

You can pray to The Virgin Mary with traditional prayers, such as the “Hail Mary”, the “Salve Regina”, the “Magnificat”, or with other forms of prayer:

Prayers of Intercession

In our prayers, we can ask for the intercession of saints, so they may pray to the Lord for us and with us. Some saints have “specialties”, which can prove very efficient in specific situations: work and financial-related problems, relationship issues, need of spiritual guidance…

Discover prayer communities to the saints on Hozana: pray to St. Ignace Loyola, St. Augustine, and many other powerful intercessors!

Short and Simple Prayers

You don’t need to say prolonged prayers, with a complex vernacular to confide yourself in God. Prayer is a daily dialogue between you and God, a heart to heart, and it is as simple and sincere as a conversation between a Father and His child. Two, three words are enough to say a prayer, as long as they are said with love. Very short types of prayers are called “aspirations.” To go further than that, contemplative prayers are totally silent. 

You can also say short morning and evening prayers to entrust your day or your night to the Lord. 

Pray every day on Hozana: discover prayer communities to accompany your time of prayer throughout the day. 

Prayers at Mass

The Mass is a perfect opportunity to pray with a community (“where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18: 20). 

The Eucharistic prayer during Mass is a consecration of the bread and wine. This rite allows us to commemorate the Last Supper and prepares us to receive the Body and Blood of Christ together. During every service, the congregation recites prayers of the faithful with special intentions for the Church and the world. 

Common prayers also happen during important events, such as baptism, weddings, or funerals (with prayers for the departed). 

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