Pray every day

St. Therese of Lisieux said: “How great is the power of prayer!”

Already as a child, she was devoted to the Lord: she would sleep with a rosary in her hand. Prayer is a real heart to heart with God. It is at the centre of every Christian’s life. Praying regularly and sharing a personal moment with the Lord every day can help us grow our bond with Him. 

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Daily Christian Prayers

Praying daily can take many forms: reciting the Lord’s prayer, meditating with the Rosary, being fulfilled by the Word of God, or simply observing a moment of silence to open our ears to the Lord. However, there can be moments when it is difficult to turn ourselves to our Father and pray: especially when we don’t know how! 

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Praying with the Daily Gospel

One great way to pray every day is to read and meditate on the Daily Gospel. Very few of us can attend the Mass every day, but we can easily take a few minutes to read (or listen) to the daily Mass readings or the Daily Gospel! Another way of praying is by following the Liturgy of the Hours: reading and praying on the texts of the offices of Lauds or Vesper can help you connect with millions of Christians in prayer.

Pray Every Day with the Saints

Who knows the importance of praying regularly better than the saints? We can choose to be guided by St. Joseph, St. Jude, or the saint of the day to practice our daily prayers: they will know how to intercede on our behalf and guide us towards the path of Holiness.

Praying and Praising the Lord Every Day with the Bible

Taking time every day to read the Bible is a great way to share a moment with the Lord. We can choose to dive into one of the Books from the Old or the New Testament, or we can let ourselves be guided by prayer communities that offer a daily word of encouragement, a daily word of love to Our Father, a verse to memorise, etc.