Prayer to Our Lady of Fatima

In Portugal Our Lady of Fatima is a marian sanctuary and an internationally renowned place of pilgrimage. It all started in 1917, when three young shepherds, Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta received a special visit from an Angel, asking them to pray along with it. The Angel would continue to appear to the shepherds 6 times throughout the year; they would also be visited by the Virgin Mary. During these apparitions, the young shepherds received three secrets. 

In 1930, the Church officially recognised these apparitions as legitimate, and Fatima became the sanctuary that we know today. There are many prayers to the Virgin Mary, discover Pope Francis’ prayer and Act of Consecration Our Lady of Fatima, who appeared to leave us three messages.

Prayer and Consecration to Our Lady of Fatima by Pope Francis

Pope Francis recited this prayer before an assembly in the Chapel of the Apparition of Fatima, 2017

“Hail Holy Queen, Blessed Virgin of Fatima, Lady of Immaculate Heart, our refuge and our way to God! As a pilgrim of the Light that comes to us from your hands, I give thanks to God the Father, who in every time and place is at work in human history; As a pilgrim of the Peace that, in this place, you proclaim, I give praise to Christ, our peace, and I implore for the world concord among all peoples; As a pilgrim of the Hope that the Spirit awakens, I come as a prophet and messenger to wash the feet of all, at the same table that unites us. Hail, Mother of Mercy, Lady robed in white! In this place where, a hundred years ago you made known to all the purposes of God’s mercy, I gaze at your robe of light and, as a bishop robed in white, I call to mind all those who, robed in the splendour of their baptism, desire to live in God and tell the mysteries of Christ in order to obtain peace. 

Hail, life and sweetness, Hail, our hope, O Pilgrim Virgin, O Universal Queen! In the depths of your being, in your Immaculate Heart, you keep the joys of men and women as they journey to the Heavenly Homeland. In the depths of your being, in your Immaculate Heart, you keep the sorrows of the human family, as they mourn and weep in this valley of tears. In the depths of your being, in your Immaculate Heart, adorn us with the radiance of the jewels of your crown and make us pilgrims, even as you were a pilgrim. With your virginal smile, enliven the joy of Christ’s Church. With your gaze of sweetness, strengthen the hope of God’s children. With your hands lifted in prayer to the Lord, draw all people together into one human family.

O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary,Queen of the Rosary of Fatima! Grant that we may follow the example of Blessed Francisco and Blessed Jacinta, and of all who devote themselves to proclaiming the Gospel. Thus we will follow all paths and everywhere make our pilgrim way; we will tear down all walls and cross every frontier, as we go out to every periphery, to make known God’s justice and peace. In the joy of the Gospel, we will be the Church robed in white, the whiteness washed in the blood of the Lamb, blood that today too is shed in the wars tearing our world apart. And so we will be, like you, an image of the column of light that illumines the ways of the world, making God known to all, making known to all that God exists, that God dwells in the midst of his people, yesterday, today and for all eternity.

Hail, Mother of the Lord, Virgin Mary, Queen of the Rosary of Fatima! Blessed among all women, you are the image of the Church robed in paschal light, you are the honour of our people, you are the victory over every assault of evil. Prophecy of the merciful love of the Father, Teacher of the Message of Good News of the Son, Sign of the burning Fire of the Holy Spirit, teach us, in this valley of joys and sorrows, the eternal truths that the Father reveals to the little ones. Show us the strength of your protective mantle. In your Immaculate Heart, be the refuge of sinners and the way that leads to God. In union with my brothers and sisters, in faith, in hope and in love, I entrust myself to you. In union with my brothers and sisters, through you, I consecrate myself to God, O Virgin of the Rosary of Fatima.

And at last, enveloped in the Light that comes from your hands, I will give glory to the Lord for ever and ever.


The Three Secrets of Our Lady of Fatima

During Her apparitions. the Virgin Mary entrusted the young shepherds with three secrets. These secrets would be revealed much later by Lucia in writing: although Mary appeared in Fatima in 1917, the very last secret was only revealed by Pope John Paul II in 2000!

In 1941, Lucia wrote a message where she released the first secret, which is a vision of hell that was shown to the three shepherds by Mother Mary, frightening them. 

That same year, Lucia wrote the second secret in her memoir: Mary announces the end of World War I, but warns that another one would break out during the Pontificate of Pope Pius XI should people continue to offend God. To maintain peace, reparations must be done to the Lord through communion and consecration, namely the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart. 

The third secret was written by Lucia in 1944, by order of the Bishop SIlva of Leiria. It was finally revealed in 2000: it is a mystical vision in which priests, bishop and religious people are walking up a mountain to reach the Holy Father, while walking through a desolate and war-torn land. The interpretation of this prophetic vision should be to warn believers of the right path to take, to give them an incentive to change their ways. 

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