Prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

“I need nothing but God, and to lose myself in the heart of God.”. These wise words from St. Margaret Mary Alacoque remind us that Jesus’ Sacred Heart is a source of infinite love: God’s love for mankind is eternal. During his apparitions to St. Margaret Mary, Jesus asked that believers pray fervently to His Sacred Heart, and promises abounding graces, peace and consolation to those who do so: these are the 12 promises of the Sacred Heart. 

Three Beautiful Prayers to The Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ

For centuries, many saints have prayed to Jesus’ Sacred Heart, as offering yourself to Him it is an act towards sainthood. 

Prayer to The Sacred Heart by Margaret Mary Alacoque

“Place me, O my sweet Savior, in Your Sacred Side, and in  Your Heart which is a burning Furnace of pure love, and I shall be in safety. I hope, O my Jesus, My Sovereign Good, that You will bring me to this place, since I love You, not for the recompenses which You have promised to those who love You, but purely for the love of Yourself. I love You above all things lovable, above everything good, above everything beautiful, above every pleasure, and in fine, above myself and everything that is outside of You and I protest in the presence of Heaven and earth that I wish to live and die in Your holy love, purely and simply, and that even if to love You in this manner, I must suffer persecution and torments and even endure death, I am quite content, and will say with St. Paul: “No creature shall ever be able to separate me from the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, whom I love and wish to love eternally.”

Prayer to The Sacred Heart - St. Claude La Colombière

“Sacred Heart of Jesus, teach me to sacrifice myself completely, teach me what I must do to arrive at the purity of Your love with the desire of which You have inspired me.
I feel in myself a great wish to please You and great powerlessness to succeed in doing so without great light and very special help which I can expect only from You.

Accomplish Your will in me; I know well that I am opposing it. But I eagerly wish, at least it seems so to me, not to oppose it. It is for You to do everything, O Divine Heart of Jesus, You alone will have all the glory of my sanctification if I become a Saint; that appears to me clearer than daylight, but it will be a great glory for You, and it is for that alone that I wish to attain perfection. Amen.”

A Morning Offering to The Sacred Heart of Jesus

“O Lord Jesus Christ, in union with that divine intention with which, on earth, You offered praise to God through Your Sacred Heart and continue to offer now in all places in the sacrament of the Eucharist, and will do so to the end of the world, I most willingly offer You throughout this entire day, without the smallest exception, all my intentions and thoughts, all my affections and desires, all my words and actions, in imitation of the most pure heart of the Immaculate Virgin Mary.”

Other Prayers to The Sacred Heart of Jesus

Jesus’ Sacred Heart is a safe and comforting refuge for those who are going through difficult times; it represents the infinite gift of God, and the profound, merciful love of Christ for mankind. If you are facing challenges, why not say a prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in difficult times

The Sacred Heart of Jesus is part of many devotions, and Catholics all over the world offer to Him their day, their families, their life with prayers and acts of consecration to the Sacred Heart. They can also pray to amend their mistakes with an act of reparation to the Sacred Heart. Finally, you can also pray the famous novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, as well as the Litany to the Sacred Heart

Pray to The Sacred Heart of Jesus with Hozana

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