Prayer to Our Lady of The Miraculous Medal

When praying to the Mother of Jesus Christ, the greatest of all saints, we are asking for Her intercession before the Lord. Mary shows us the way to Her Son’s Heart. The Virgin Mary reminded us how much she was ready to obtain for us numerous graces during her apparitions to Catherine Laboure. She gave Catherine instructions to decorate the Medal that has been protecting many Catholics for almost two centuries. She also communicated to Catherine Her desire to be prayed to.
“O Mary, who was conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!”

Discover two prayers to ask for graces and protection from the Virgin Mary, the Immaculate Conception.

Prayer of Abandonment to Our Lady of The Miraculous Medal

“O Lady of The Miraculous Medal, you appeared to Catherine Laboure as a mediator of all the graces, hear me, I implore You!

In Your maternal hands I put all my intentions, all my spiritual and worldly interests. I entrust you with the grace which I dare to ask of Your Kindness. Humbly, I implore You to present this request to Your divine Son and to obtain from Him that He will hear me, if He willed this grace for me, and if this grace is good for my soul. 

After raising Your supplicating hands to the Lord, O Blessed Virgin, I beg that You turn them to me, that You wrap me in your rays of grace so that my soul may separate from worldly things; may the light and the warmth of your rays purify me so I can walk joyfully in Your footsteps, to the time when You will welcome me at Heaven’s gates


Prayer to Our Lady of The Miraculous Medal by the Intercession of St. Catherine Laboure

“O Immaculate Virgin, Mother of God and Our Mother,
We pray with confidence in your powerful intercession, which you manifested many times with your Miraculous Medal; we humbly beseech you to obtain for us the graces that we ask you with this novena.

O Virgin of the Medal, you appeared to Saint Catherine Labouré as the mediator of the entire world and of every soul; we entrust ourselves to your hands, we confide our supplications to Your Heart: Present them, we implore you, to your divine Son; grant us our wishes, as long as they are in accordance with the Divine Will and with our souls. After raising Your supplicating hands to God, lower them to us and wrap us in your rays of grace, enlighten our spirits, purify our hearts so that we may one day enjoy eternal life under your watch


Why Pray to Our Lady of The Miraculous Medal?

The Immaculate Conception dogma and of the creation of the Miraculous Medal are originated from The Virgin Mary’s apparitions to St. Catherine Labouré in Paris, 1830.

In the XIX century, Paris was ravaged by a tragic cholera outbreak, and Parisians were dying by the hundreds. However, many recoveries were attributed to Our Lady of The Medal. As the Miraculous Medal was growing in popularity, people started to increasingly pray to Our Lady of The Miraculous Medal when sick, for healing or to obtain a special grace from Her. From this story was created The Miraculous Medal Novena. It is said that wearing the medal with passion brings grace and keeps Virgin Mary close to us. 

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