Prayers to St. Bernadette Soubirous

St. Bernadette Soubirous was a simple and humble young girl, to whom the Virgin Mary revealed herself in Lourdes many times over in 1858. Mary presented Herself as the Immaculate Conception. Bernadette later joined the Sisters of Charity of Nevers, in service of the poor and sick. 

Bernadette was herself of humble birth, but she found in her poverty an important spiritual wealth: “He is sufficient for me … Jesus alone for riches.” (Sr. Bernadette)

Among the many Catholic prayers, there is a great number of prayers to Our Lady of Lourdes

Prayer to St. Bernadette Soubirous

“To put my hesitant footsteps in your footsteps,
Please, Bernadette, lend me your clogs.

They are for me, at the same time, symbols of good sense,
spirit of poverty and simplicity.
You know very well, alas, that I lack all of this.
Please, Bernadette, lend me your clogs.

You went to gather wood that would kindle the flame
that brings men together and conforts them.
May I too re-rekindle the hearts of those seeking,
silence, or words, or a smile, or a helping hand.
Please, Bernadette, lend me your clogs.

And should they be too small, may they make me modest.
In the knowledge that as I go forward I have limitations,
my steps are small, I stumble and rise again.
Please, Bernadette, lend me your clogs.

To go towards Mary with more confidence,
To discover the living water offered to those who thirst.
To go to the table where bread is freely give,
Please, Bernadette, lend me your clogs.

To go towards the Father who awaits and loves me.
To take part in the feast at the end of the road
After having walked, carrying my joys and sorrows,
Asking you at all times to take me by the hand,
Please, Bernadette, lend me your clogs.”

Marie-Louise Pierson

Prayers of St. Bernadette Soubirous

Prayer to Jesus

“O Jesus, give me I pray …
the bread of humility, the bread of obedience, the bread of charity,
the bread of strength to break my will, and make it one with yours,
the bread of patience to bear the pain my heart endures,
the bread to see you and you alone in all things and always!”

A Prayer to the Immaculate Conception

“How happy my soul, good Mother, when I had the good fortune to gaze upon you!
How I love to recall the pleasant moments spent under your gaze, so full of kindness and mercy for us.
Yes, tender Mother, you stooped down to earth to appear to a mere child….
You, the Queen of heaven and earth, deigned to make use of the most fragile thing in the world’s eyes. 


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