Pray to St. Joseph for a House

St. Joseph is the husband of Mary and the foster father of Christ, and his role is to watch over and take care of them. He is in charge of giving them food, security, and shelter. It is therefore, completely logical that he has become the patron saint of our housing and homes. Discover a beautiful and powerful prayer asking for his intercession!

Prayer to St. Joseph to find housing

“Glorious and good St. Joseph,
You experienced many tribulations in finding a home for Mary and Jesus.
Remember how much you worried about them, of your undertakings and closed doors that you encountered when you accompanied the Infant Jesus on the way to being censured and then your exile and finally the return to your country.

During times of hardship, you made sure that their material comfort always reflected your love and concern, your faithful presence and protection towards Mary and Jesus.

Watch over my actions in finding a home, that they proceed smoothly and in clarity,  and especially watch over my dealings with the owners and the lease terms.

May this new home be welcoming, peaceful, have good neighbors and relations between everyone.

May all those that come to my home (our home) feel welcomed by your presence. Fill this home with the love of Jesus and Mary. Amen.”

St. Joseph, patron of housing

All of his life, the carpenter of Nazareth, worked to meet the family’s needs, and strived to find them a place to sleep, which was extremely complicated when the hostel of Bethlehem closed their doors upon them. Even in that situation, St. Joseph persevered and found refuge with Mary in a stable, where Jesus was born.

Who would know better than St. Joseph to give us shelter? For those who ask for his intercession, he takes care of all our earthly necessities, and performs miracles, just as he did for his family.

Surrendering to St. Joseph, also means relying more and learning to trust in Christ through his mediator. Numerous families testify that through prayer, St. Joseph has more than fulfilled all of their needs and that they have been truly blessed. Often, his graces have been very tangible such as the sale of an apartment, the buying of a house, or just finding a place to live.

St. Joseph is also the patron saint of families and finding employment. Discover a beautiful prayer to help you find employment that suits you best or pray to him in the form of a chaplet!

Hozana helps You pray to St. Joseph to find Housing!

St. Joseph is a very powerful and faithful saint who can be prayed to in the form of a novena and prayers specially dedicated to him. There exists several forms of novenas dedicated to help you find or sell your home, in order to help you surrender all of your worries into the hands of the Lord.

You can discover and pray, thanks to the many and varied spiritual propositions and prayers to St. Joseph that Hozana has to offer! Receive a novena or a daily prayer to St. Joseph!