Prayer to St. Joseph for Employment

St. Joseph spent his life working loyally and humbly to support the Holy Family. When looking for work, who better than St. Joseph, whom God chose to meet the needs of Jesus and the Virgin Mary? Never forget that before Jesus started His public ministry, He was a carpenter and helped St. Joseph in his workshop. Jesus shows us that work is honorable and pleasing to God if not overdone! Jesus teaches us that there is a time for God, work, play, and rest. Here is a beautiful and powerful prayer to St. Joseph to find employment.

Novena to St. Joseph the Worker
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A prayer to St. Joseph to find employment

Glorious saint Joseph, model to all who are dedicated to their work, grant me the grace to :
work with repentance to atone for my numerous sins
work with dedication, putting my duties above my temptations
work with joy and gratitude, acknowledging and using the gifts received from God
work with order, peace, moderation and patience, never giving in to boredom or difficulties
work with good intentions and unselfishly, always keeping in mind that time wasted, gifts not used, good
deeds not done and the vain complacency in success are completely in opposition to God's desire.
All for Jesus, all for Mary, this is my motto. Amen.

Saint Pie X

St. Joseph, Protector of Workers

God entrusted his temple, Mary, and his Son, Christ, to St. Joseph. He assumed this responsibility by working as a carpenter in Nazareth. He thus became the patron saint of workers, artisans, businesses and families. We can also pray to St. Joseph, artisan in the cases of complicated situations of injustice at work. Whether for ourselves or for others, St. Joseph always answers our prayers.

St. Joseph artisan’s feast day is on May 1st, Labor Day, established in 1955 by Pope Pius XII. St. Joseph is also celebrated on March 19. Many novenas to St. Joseph start 9 days earlier to pray for people who are suffering from unemployment. However, it is possible to start a novena at any time of the year, or simply pray to St. Joseph through daily prayer.

Opening Prayer for St. Joseph the Worker

“God our Father, creator and ruler of the universe, in every age you call man to develop and use his gifts for the good of others. With St. Joseph as our example and guide, help us to do the work you have asked and come to the rewards you have promised. “

Hozana helps you pray St. Joseph Artisan

With Hozana, you can pray the great yearly novena to St. Joseph in communion with thousands of others for May 1st, St. Joseph the worker! St. Joseph is powerful and loyal, to whom you can pray using novenas and prayers specifically dedicated to him like the St. Joseph’s rosary or the Hail Joseph prayer. Hozana invites you to discover St. Joseph through these multiple and varied spiritual propositions! Take advantage of receiving a daily short prayer to St. Joseph.

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