Prayers and Novenas to St. Joseph

In the New Testament, Joseph mainly appears to be a man to whom God gave a special mission: to raise His Son. So he makes Mary his spouse, welcomes Her even though She is pregnant, protects Her, and he is the first one to see Jesus. 

The patriarch of the Holy Family never leaves in darkness the people who pray to him, as long as they do so with zeal and faithfulness: he will hear and answer the prayers that are addressed to him. He is celebrated on March 19th and May 1st as the patron saint of workers. Saint Joseph is a guide who can help us go through any troubles that can come our way in our daily lives. Entrust your families, home, or work to the Foster-Father of Jesus by reciting a Hail Joseph or a novena!  

Joseph, Model of Life

Joseph answered God's call with humility, righteousness, strength, and tenderness. Saint Joseph sets the example for inner life through his discretion and faith. Pope Francis wrote "Patris Corde", an Apostolic Letter:" The spiritual path that Joseph traces for us does not explain but accepts. "Let us walk on Joseph's way by joining the many prayer communities to St. Joseph on Hozana: discover novenas or month-long programs which allow you to pray to Joseph daily, learn more about him (let him inspire you in your role as a father or a man), or consecrate yourself to him.  

Prayer to St. Joseph, the Worker

Joseph was a carpenter in Nazareth. He trained Jesus in this trade. "Saint Joseph was a carpenter who earned an honest living to provide for his family. From him, Jesus learned the value, the dignity and the joy of what it means to eat bread that is the fruit of one's labour." (Pope Francis, Patris Corde). As the Patron Saint of workers, Joseph hears all our prayers relating to our professional problems, job-seeking, and working lives in general

Prayers to St. Joseph for Impossible Cases

Joseph knew how to make difficult and courageous decisions:

  • Welcoming Mary into his home.
  • Finding a safe place to prepare for the birth of Jesus.
  • Fleeing to Egypt.

As he protected Mary and the Child Jesus, he can also save and guide you through difficult times. Entrust your petitions for grace to his intercession: let him help you find a home, a soulmate, or courage in the face of challenges.