Prayers of the Faithful for Weddings

When we ask for the sacrament of marriage and decide to get married in the Church, whether it includes a mass or whether it is a nuptial blessing, the celebration is prepared by choosing the texts, the songs and by writing the Prayers of the Faithful. This prayer's mission is to entrust the young couple to God as well as to pray for the community and the world. It is an integral part of the ritual of marriage and is different from the wedding prayer for the bride and groom.

Prayers of the Faithful Preparation for a Wedding

As with any prayer of the faithful (for Sunday mass, funerals or baptisms), the one for weddings is composed of a few readings and a response between each of them. It can be written by the future couple or by someone close to them.

How to Construct a Prayer of the Faithful for a Wedding

  • First intention : this reading usually concerns the young couple united in front of God. We entrust them to God as well as their future home.
  • Response : "Lord hear our prayer"
  • Second intention : in continuation, we pray for all couples in general, couples preparing their wedding, young (or less young) newlyweds, parents… it can also concern people going through a separation or having difficulties with their spouse.
  • Response : "Lord hear our prayer"
  • Third intention : it is customary at this point to pray for families and friends. It is possible to also evoque loved ones who have passed away.
  • Response : "Lord hear our prayer"
  • Fourth intention : at this point, we usually pray for the world and for peace. The young couple can choose an intention connected to current events or the difficulties and struggles of our times.
  • Response : "Lord hear our prayer"
  • Last intention : this prayer is dedicated to the Church, for the pope, bishops and priests and the religious community in general. It can also be placed as the first intention.

The intentions finish with “We pray to the Lord” or “Lets us pray to the Lord”

How to Write the Prayers  for the Faithful for a Wedding

Before the wedding, the couple prepares their marriage in their parish or with a priest. It is an important moment for each one to question themselves about their couple, and understand what they want to construct together and how God can help them. Afterwards, creating the prayers for the Faithful are a wonderful opportunity for the couple, who can sometimes be very busy with all the planning and last minute details, to take the time to express their hopes for themselves as well as their intentions for those around them.

When and Who Reads the Prayers for the Faithful during a Wedding

The Prayers for the Faithful takes place at the end of the liturgy of marriage (before the liturgy of the Eucharist for those who have chosen a mass). One or more readers are chosen by the couple to read the prayer. It can be the brothers or sisters or the best man or maid of honor, anyone the couple feels happy including in their wedding.

Reading examples for the prayer for the Faithful of a wedding

Examples of readings for the couple

“For N… and N… : may the Lord bless them and make their love grow everyday. May He grant them the grace of becoming parents and of building a happy and welcoming home. We pray to the Lord”

“We pray to you Lord for N… and N… that their love shine around them, that it be a sign of peace and that their couple always be receptive and open to others. May their love reveal the love of God.”

"For N… and N…, Lord, guide them in their life together ; may they walk with confidence on the road of life ; may each joy shared nourish them and bring them closer ; may their difficulties stimulate and reinforce them. Lord, hear us.”

Examples of readings for all couples

“We pray to you Lord, that all couples here present renew their vows everyday of their marriage ; that they remember to take that necessary step back from daily life ; that they stay tuned to God’s message and that of those around them.”

“We pray to you Lord, for all couples : those who have joyfully shared their love for many years ; those who are just discovering their love and planning their future marriage ; those too that suffer from heartaches and from separation. Bring to each of them, Lord, the tenderness and hope to fill their hearts.”

Examples of readings for families, friends and those who have died

“Lord we pray for everyone assembled here, families and friends, for those who were not able to join us but who are with us in spirit and prayer. We also entrust to you our dearly departed; their memory is present with us today.”

“Lord, we pray for all our parents and futur parents. Accompany them in this beautiful and delicate mission ; that they find in their hearts the patience and the tenderness to  listen to  their children and to help them become the men and women that they are meant to be.”

Examples of readings for world peace

“Lord, may our prayer join the couples who are separated, the men and women who are abandoned, the children without parents… Keep our hearts open and our spirit ready to welcome them.”

Examples of readings for the Church

“Lord, bless our pope N..., may he serenely and efficiently guide your Church. Bless all christians, may they be faithful to your love and your word.”

“For our pope N…, our bishop N…, and all the pastors of the Church, that the Lord fulfill them with His spiritual gifts and that together they guide the Church on the road to your Kingdom.”

Examples of readings for interconfessional or mixed marriages

“That we welcome our differences; that we always see the wonder in meeting others. That we see with Your eyes as in the wonders of creation, Lord hear our prayer.”

“For all those, believers or non-believers, who make the effort to build a world with justice and generosity ;  that they find the courage to never give up.”

Examples of readings for a marriage anniversary

“For N… and N…, for the “I do” they pronounced at their wedding, that they have continued to say to each other over all these years, through the joys and hardships, for the fruit it produced, particularly their children and grandchildren, we thank you Lord. For the vows they renew today in your presence, for the vows of all the couples here present, Lord hear our prayer.”

Pray for couples with Hozana

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