The Chaplet of St. Benedict

You might be used to praying the Rosary: did you know that you could take this prayer one step forward, by adding a special devotion to St. Benedict? Praying to St. Benedict, while meditating on the mysteries of the life of Christ with Mary, reinforces the experience of praying the Rosary. 

As the patron saint of exorcisms, St. Benedict of Nursia is a powerful protector against evil influences. Discover how to pray the Rosary with the Virgin Mary and St. Benedict.

The Rosary of St. Benedict

What Is the Rosary of St. Benedict?

The Rosary of St. Benedict looks roughly the same as a regular rosary: it is composed of five groups of ten beads (decades), a centerpiece, and a crucifix. What is different about St. Benedict’s Rosary are those two latter elements: the centerpiece is a Medal of St. Benedict, and the crucifix is the Cross of St. Benedict (a cross with the Medal of St. Benedict at its center). Sometimes, the larger beads separating the decades are replaced by medals of St. Benedict. 

How to Pray the Chaplet of St. Benedict? 

We suggest that you pray the Chaplet of St. Benedict using Rosary beads of five decades. Begin your prayer the same way that you would pray a regular Rosary: starting with the signing of the cross, the Apostle’s Creed, the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Glory Be. You can then add St. Benedict’s Medal Prayer


May the holy cross be my light!    

Let the devil not be my leader.

Step back Satan!

Don't persuade me of wicked things.

What you offer me is evil.

Drink your poisons yourself."

Finally, you can also say a prayer intention. Below is an example of prayer to St. Benedict for a special petition. You can then proceed by praying the rest of the Marian Rosary: meditate on the life of Christ, pray the Lord’s Prayer on the large beads and ten ‘Hail Marys’ on the small beads, repeat the process for the five decades. 

Why Pray a Chaplet to St. Benedict. 

Praying the regular Rosary is a source of abounding graces; far from overshadowing the devotion to the Virgin Mary, adding to the Rosary a devotion to St. Benedict, patron of exorcisms, is a great way to strengthen your prayer - his intercession is powerful to ward off the negative. 

The Church recognises the Medal of St. Benedict and the Marian Rosary as two important religious symbols. Therefore, it sounds good to bring the two together in your prayer, doesn’t it? 

Prayers for the Chaplet of St. Benedict

A Short Prayer for the Spirituality of St. Benedict

“Father Almighty, by your grace Saint Benedict became a great teacher in the school of your service. Grant that we may put nothing before our love of you, and may we walk eagerly in the path of your commandments. 

Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.


A Prayer for Special Intentions

“God Our Father, through the glorious intercession of your servant, St. Benedict, mercifully hear our prayers;

“We pray to You for the exaltation of Your Holy Universal Church, Our Mother;
For the the priestly and religious vocations of Your missionaries;
For the conversion of sinners;
For the health of the sick;
For the consolation of the afflicted;
For the salvation of the living;
For the rest and deliverance of departed souls;
For our families;
For our friends;
For all who have entrusted themselves or were entrusted to our prayers;
For our special intentions: (Name your intention).

Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord,


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