Family Night Prayer

Many christian families would like to include night prayer in the heart of their homes; it can however, be hard to find the time. Parents have busy days and everyone’s schedule can be very different. For many families, the most convenient time to pray together is at night, before putting the children to bed. And so much the better! because it so pleases God to spend the last moments of the day with Him, to offer Him the joy’s of the day as well as the pains.

This is a beautiful prayer written by a contemporary Catholic priest using simple and honest words which may be useful in implementing a family evening prayer.

A Night Prayer for the Whole Family

Lord, we thank you for this day which comes to a close. If we did not live up to your expectations, we humbly ask you to forgive us. Console our regrettable moments. Despite our failures, we thank you for the happy occasions, for the work accomplished, for the people met, for the prayers answered. May the worries and concerns of this day teach us confidence, our carelessness more vigilance, our errors more discernment, our haste more reflection. We pray for all the people we have met today, We offer you the work accomplished : may it bear fruit. Thank you Lord for your presence by our side, even if we did not notice, it brought us to this moment. We ask each other forgiveness in order to welcome your peace. We thank you for our family reunited, safe and sound and even saintly and saved! Amen. (Father Lécuru)

Little ones can say:

Lord, it’s nighttime, the day is gone.
You are by our side even when the sun goes down.
God bless this night at home with you in our midst. Amen.

Hozana Helps Family Prayer Life

Praying everyday is not always easy but praying daily with the family can be even harder. All christian parents yearn to pass on their faith to their children, to show them the importance and the power of prayer. And yet many parents feel overwhelmed and powerless when faced with this huge task! 

Hozana helps by providing nourishing spiritual content for your personal prayers as well as for your family prayers. It is in deepening your private exchange with God on the one hand, and using the adapted content to family prayer on the other, that the Lord achieves His work of conversion in each one of our hearts.