St. Joseph Novena to find Employment

The novena to St Joseph artisan is commonly used when searching for employment. This prayer invites fidelity and perseverance. Do not give up hope! Continue looking for a job, this novena will help you find your path.

Short Novena to St. Joseph to find Employment

You can recite this prayer everyday for nine days to complete the novena.

Begin with an Our Father and a Hail Mary and continue with:

“Saint Joseph,
Loyal caretaker of the Child Jesus
Pristine spouse of the mother of God
Powerful protector of the Holy Church
I place myself before you and humbly ask for your special protection.
You ignored worldly pleasures and looked only to the glory of God and the wellbeing of those around you.
Saint Joseph, you have already helped so many others, I place my confidence in you.
The light of God shows you what is missing from my life, you see my worries, my difficulties, my sorrows.
I pray to your paternal thoughtfulness to help me find employment
I place this request in your hands, the same hands that saved the Child Jesus
Help me to live in God's presence, to know and love Jesus Christ, to worship His holy mother the Virgin Mary and when all is done, to join you in adoration of God for eternity

Novena to St. Joseph the Worker to find employment

Join Hozana and this beautiful novena to the Patron Saint of workers. Entrust him with your search for a job or even the needs for employment of one of your friends or family, St Joseph will bring your prayers to the Lord. This novena helps the person looking for a job to let prayer guide all their actions and decisions.

Everyday you will receive:

  • A passage from the Gospel, in other words, advice from Jesus himself to guide you in your search for employment.
  • A concrete task for the person looking for employment to do that same day (the order of the tasks should be respected) in order to prepare oneself to find the perfect job!
  • A daily prayer to St Joseph the worker, patron saint of all workers.

St. Joseph, Patron Saint of Workers

Saint Joseph, father of the Holy Family, is often associated with looking for employment. The carpenter of Nazareth was entrusted by God with the delicate mission of working in order to insure the needs and the security of Christ and the Virgin Mary. His fidelity and solidity have earned him the status of patron saint of work and workers, artisans, business, husbands and of course the family.
The feast of St. Joseph artisan, patron saint of workers, is on May 1, not to be confused with the other feast of Saint Joseph on March 19! Traditionally, the majority of novenas to Saint Joseph artisan start 9 days before his feast day (April 22) however you can pray to St. Joseph artisan with this novena at any time of the year.

Pray to St. Joseph with Hozana!

Hozana will help you to find the novena the most adapted to your situation through multiple spiritual proposals. You can start the Novena to St. Joseph to find a job with this community or let this community help you pray throughout the year: Pray everyday with St. Joseph.

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