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Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph

The Life of Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph is the adoptive father of Jesus Christ and the husband of the Virgin Mary. The main source of information about him is the Bible, where he appears in the New Testament, in the Gospels of Saint Luke and Saint Matthew. Joseph is a descendant of King David, and lives in Nazareth, Palestine, where he works as a carpenter. Joseph is called “the Righteous One” because that is what the Evangelist Matthew calls him. Tradition reports that Joseph had a humble and gentle temperament and was endowed with great talents. He was the son of Jacob and the third of six brothers, one of whom, Alphaeus, is the father of the apostles James and Jude, whom the gospel calls “brothers of Jesus” and who are none other than his first cousins.

At the age of about thirty, Joseph was summoned by the priests of the temple, along with other unmarried men of the tribe of David, to designate among them who would marry the young virgin who had grown up in the Temple of Jerusalem, Mary of Nazareth. When they arrived at the temple, the priests presented each of the suitors with a branch, explaining that the young Virgin Mary would marry the first one whose branch sprouted. This echoes the prophecy of Isaiah: "From the root of Jesse will come forth a branch, and on it will be born a flower." Only Joseph's branch flowered, and he was recognized as the bridegroom destined by the Lord for the Blessed Virgin. Saint Joseph was engaged to Mary who, even before having lived with her husband, received the visit of the archangel Gabriel, at the time of the Annunciation (Luke 1:38), and became pregnant with the Savior. Joseph was originally from Bethlehem in Judea, where he went during the census ordered by Caesar. This is where Mary gave birth to Jesus (Luke 2:1-7).

During the events surrounding the coming into the world of the Messiah, Saint Joseph was guided by an angel who visited him several times in dreams. The angel encouraged him to take Mary home, revealing to him that the Child she carried came from God (Matthew 1:20-21). Then, the angel returned after the Nativity, urging him to protect the Mother and Child from the fury of Herod (Matthew 2:13). This was the Flight to Egypt. Finally, the angel came one last time to warn Joseph that the threat was gone (Matthew 2:19), and the Holy Family could return to Nazareth. Joseph died shortly before the beginning of Jesus' public life. He gave up his soul in the arms of Mary and Jesus, which made him the patron of good death.

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The Catholic Church celebrates Saint Joseph on March 19, and his feast is preceded by a novena. The whole month of March is dedicated to Saint Joseph, and it is especially an opportunity to present our personal consecration to him. The liturgical year 2021, called “the year of Saint Joseph” was consecrated by Pope Francis to Saint Joseph.


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Patronages of Saint Joseph

The patronages of Saint Joseph are numerous: he is the patron saint of the family, fathers of families, workers, craftsmen (especially carpenters and carpenters) and of the “good death”. Saint Joseph is also the patron of the universal Church since the proclamation of Blessed Pope Pius IX on December 8, 1870. Many cities and countries are placed under the patronage of Saint Joseph. In general, Christians entrust to Saint Joseph all their material concerns, especially concerning work, housing and the family.

Prayers to Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph is an exemplary man, role model for the fathers of families, he is also an example of being hardworking and endowed with great virtues (justice, chastity, purity, humility, goodness, and so many others). This is why Christians rely so much on him through many prayers.  Devotion to Saint Joseph has developed over the centuries, and many miracles have manifested his concrete and effective intercession. He is asked for help with all material problems, including work, housing, searching for a spouse, and health problems. The patron saint of families is invoked to solve all various family problems: marriage problems, difficulty in having a child, child-rearing, and any other difficult problems. Joseph is the patron saint of workers, he intercedes for all craftsmen.

To thank Saint Joseph and to show him our gratitude and our love, we can pray the 30-day prayer or the rosary of Saint Joseph.

In the litanies of Saint Joseph, he is called “Terror of the Demons.” Saint Joseph in fact possesses a special power to protect from evil.

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