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Saint Michael the Archangel

Saint Michael the Archangel

Biography of Archangel Michel

Michael is one of the three archangels recognized by the Catholic Church; the other two are Saint Raphael and Saint Gabriel. In the Bible, there are a number of references to the angel named Michael. In the Old Testament, Michael is the one who leads Noah's family; later, he holds back the arm of Abraham, who is about to slay his son. Michael is called the angel of martyrdom because he comforts Jesus during his Agony in the Garden of Olives, then he collects the precious blood of Christ crucified and takes it as an offering to the Heavenly Father for the forgiveness of sins of men.

The archangel plays a major role in Revelations (the last book of the New Testament). Saint John describes his vision of a great celestial battle in which the archangel Michael, leader of the celestial militia, fights the demon (represented in the form of a dragon). When Lucifer, the angel of light, rejected God, he was followed by many angels. Lucifer, opposed to God, became Satan, and the fallen angels became demons. With the help of his angels, Michael managed to destroy the beast, which he sent into the abyss, crying out "Who is like God? ", in Hebrew" Mi-ka-El ", which becomes his name. With this sentence, the archangel expresses the victory of humility over pride. Many qualifiers refer to the archangel, who is called the terror of demons, the victor of Satan, the guardian of paradise, etc.

Saint Michael is celebrated several times during the year, his main feast being that of the holy archangels on September 29.
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Symbol of Archangel Michael killing the dragon

The representation of the Archangel Michael defeating the dragon bears great symbolism. The archangel symbolizes the power of the forces of good against evil because he is the victor of the Devil. In medieval iconography, he is depicted brandishing a sword or spear, at his feet evil is defeated, in the form of a dragon, snake or demon. Some paintings depict St. Michael chasing the rebellious angels. Saint Michael has a special role, it is he who weighs souls during the Last Judgment and who leads the saved to Paradise.

The apparitions of Saint Michael

Apparition at Colossus

The first appearance of the archangel took place in Phrygia at Colossus. A man from Laodicea, who had a mute daughter, saw Saint Michael in a human form. After the apparition, the girl regained her words, and this miracle immediately converted the father and the daughter. To thank the Lord, a magnificent temple was built, and a feast celebrated on September 6 in thanksgiving.

Apparition to Mount Gargan

On May 8, 492, Saint Michael appeared to a shepherd at the top of Mount Gargan, in the region of Puglia, Italy. The archangel indicated a cave to be consecrated under his name in honor of all the angels. It was Saint Michael himself who consecrated the cave, where several apparitions and many miracles took place. In 1656, Saint Michael appeared for the last time in this place, protecting the region from the plague and healing all who invoke him. At Mount Gargan, Saint Michael is celebrated on May 8, when a special hymn is recited or sung.

Apparition on Mount Saint-Michel

On October 16, 708, Saint Michael appeared to the bishop of Avranches, the future Saint Aubert. The archangel asked that a church be built in his honour on Mount Saint-Michel and that his relics be deposited there. Many miracles took place, including the healing of 12 blind people. Upgraded over the centuries, the mountain became Mont-Saint-Michel, the wonder of the West.

Apparition to Joan of Arc

In 1424, the archangel Michael appeared to Saint Joan of Arc at Domrémy, and he said to her: “I am Michael, the protector of France”. The worship of Saint Michael developed and spread in France, making the archangel the historical defender of France.

Prayers and Novenas to Saint Archangel Michael

There are many prayers and novenas to Saint Michael:

Representing the victory of Good over Evil, the archangel Michael is invoked in the fight against demons, 

As patron saint of France, it is also customary to pray a novena, especially at the time of his feast, to entrust him with France.

Many other beautiful prayers are dedicated to him, such as the litanies of Saint Michael the Archangel, the rosary of Saint Michael or the prayer of consecration to Saint Michael.


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