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Patron Saints

Patron Saints

Patron saints: who are they? What are they doing?

What is a Patron Saint? Why have a patron saint? Whether in relation to our first name, our country, our profession or the situation in which we find ourselves (unemployment, sickness, marital problems), we all have patron saints who are waiting only for one thing: to intercede for us and to carry us in their prayers. Find out more about these saints who accompany our lives!

Who are the patron saints?

A patron saint is a saint who, based on their life and history, has become the protector of a particular person or group of people. There are patron saints according to the professions and activities: Saint Joseph of Cupertino patron of students, Saint Christopher patron of travelers, Saint Eloi patron of mechanics, etc. Cities, countries and geographical locations also have their patron saint: Saint Michael patron of France, Saint Benedict patron of Europe, Saint Yves patron of Brittany, etc.  Finally, well known are the patron saints according to the first name: everyone has for patron saint, the saint who bears his first name! Among Catholics, the patron saint is chosen at the time of baptism, the priest will then call the future baptized by his first name. In orthodox rites, the first name of baptism (which corresponds to the patron saint) may be different from the first name of birth.

It is according to life, history, or the legend that surrounds a saint that their patronage is established. Some saints performed particular miracles during their lives, and popular memory continued to invoke the saint after their death in situations where they were effective during their lifetime. This is the case of Saint Roch, healer. Other saints practiced a trade or activity with holiness and were then chosen to be its protector (Saint Joseph, worker). The churches are also placed under the patronage of a saint, a saint having lived or being venerated in this place is chosen. Many saints are invoked for special cases: Saint Michael for protection, Saint Expedite for urgent causes, Saint Rita for desperate causes, Saint Anthony for lost causes, etc.  

What is a patron saint for?

The patronage of a saint means their special protection. Saints are powerful intercessors in Heaven because they have earned their places in Heaven through their virtues. They are therefore in the presence of God, whom they pray to and praise without ceasing. Catholics call the fact that souls already in Heaven pray for people still on Earth and vice versa "Communion of Saints.” those on Earth can join their prayers with those of the saints or ask for their intercession. Thus all souls are invited to unite and complete themselves in prayer to find grace with God. In this communion of saints, the patron saint has a special mission: to obtain graces for those who ask. Saint Joseph is the protector of the family, and he obtains from God many graces for the families who rely on him. Each patron saint has a charge, which allows each one to find an intercessor in Heaven according to their situation.

Who is my patron saint?

In general, each person has a patron saint of the same name. It may be that a first name is carried by many saints or conversely by none, the parents are then invited to choose the patron saint they desire for their child. This can be done at the time of birth or baptism. Those who themselves engage in a process of being baptized choose a baptismal first name corresponding to a patron saint, often a figure who has marked their path towards Christ. From the Council of Trent (1563) to the Second Vatican Council (1965), Catholics were required to choose a first name attached to a saint officially recognized by the Church. Although there is no longer any obligation, choosing a saint's first name makes it possible to offer a child a model of Christian life and a protector who accompanies them in their life.

In addition to having a patron saint, each person has a guardian angel. They have a mission of protection for all life even more important than that of the patron saint, because they are given by God to every human being from the moment of conception.

List of Patron Saints

  • patrons of lost causes and desperate situations: Saint Rita of Cascia, Saint Jude Thaddeus, Saint Anthony of Padua
  • patron saint of travelers: saint Christopher
  • patron saint of workers: Saint Joseph
  • patron saint of students: Saint Joseph of Cupertino and Saint Expedite
  • patron saint of doctors: Saint Raphael
  • patron saint of the missions: Saint Theresa of Lisieux
  • patron saint of ecologists: Saint Francis of Assisi

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