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Saints that Protect the Family

Saints that Protect the Family

Saints that Protect the Family

Saint Joseph is the great patron saint of the family, and many saints have also imitated the members of the Holy Family in their own lives. They sanctified family life by living their roles as fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, etc in holiness. Discover all the saints who have been exemplary in their role within their families. They are now an example to all Christians; their intercession is a help to everyone and a means of praying for the family.

Saint Joseph, the patron saint of families

Saint Joseph, protector of all families

Saint Joseph is the husband of the Blessed Virgin and the adoptive father of Christ Jesus. He is a man of incomparable holiness and demonstrated every virtue. Saint Joseph puts the graces that he draws from his heart at the service of Mary and Jesus. Father of the Holy Family of Nazareth, Saint Joseph perfectly embodies the figure of the patriarch. He protects his family in adversity, provides for its needs, teaches his child a profession.

A protector par excellence of the family, Saint Joseph became the protector of all families, of the family that is the Church, and of the entire family of humanity. The Catholic Church proclaimed him head of the Holy Family. In addition to being patron of the family, Saint Joseph is the patron saint of fathers, young spouses and workers. He who died in the arms of Jesus and Mary is also the patron of good death.


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Prayer to Saint Joseph for the Family

The prayers to Saint Joseph are innumerable. There are prayers for all difficult situations. Saint Joseph is especially prayed to for problems of family, health, work, housing, and any material problems in general. Saint Joseph is also the protector of the household. Discover the prayers to protect your house and family. Find all the prayers for the family on Hozana!

Models of Holy Husbands and Fathers

Many spouses and fathers sanctified themselves by following the example of Saint Joseph.


  • Saint Nicholas of Flüe raised holy 10 children before becoming a hermit.
  • Saints Louis and Zélie Martin, parents of little Thérèse, gave birth to nine children, four of whom died, and they served Christ throughout their lives.
  • Blessed Charles of Austria, father of eight children, last emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, was a good and just man, peacemaker, whether for the empire or within his family.  

Models of Holy Wives and Mothers

  • Saint Rita de Cascia patiently suffered her husband's injustices and anger. She obtained the conversion of her husband and two sons through her prayers and sacrifices.
  • Saint Jeanne Beretta Molla, a mother of many, chose to give life for her baby knowing that she would lose her life.
  • Saint Jeanne de Chantal, an exemplary wife and mother, lost her husband and two children, yet she continues to follow Christ and entered a convent.
  • Saint Monique obtained the conversion of her son, Saint Augustine, through prayers and tears.
  • Saint Mathilde of Ringelheim is the patron of large families.

Models of holy children, brothers and sisters

Patron Saints of Grandparents

Saint Anne and her husband Saint Joachim are the parents of the Virgin Mary and grandparents of Christ the Saviour. Through their immense holiness, they obtained the much hoped-for grace of having a child none other than Mary, the Blessed Virgin. During her life, Saint Anne went through many trials, interceding for all family difficulties. This is the novena to Saint Anne for families.

With Hozana, let us pray for our families