Prayer for Protection of Your Home and Family

As you say prayers for protection, you can ask the Lord to bless and protect your home: offering your home to God’s protection does not mean that you entrust with Him your material possessions, but rather that you are asking Him to watch over the people who live in it - your family members or your guests. 

Remember in the Gospel of Luke, Jesus was in the city of Jericho and talked to Zaccheus, a tax collector despised by everyone, saying: “I must stay at your house today [...] Today salvation has come to this house, because this man, too, is a son of Abraham.” (Luke 19: 5-9) By entering into Zaccheus’ home, Jesus also entered into his heart, purifying and saving him. 

You too can let Jesus Christ into your home, to welcome and share His peace with your family. You can ask a priest to bless your house, especially upon moving in, or on special occasions such as during Eastertide. 

Prayer to God and the Angels for the Protection of a House

“Lord, we beg you to visit this house

and banish from it all the deadly power of the enemy.

May your holy angels dwell here

to keep us in peace,

and may your blessing be upon us always.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.


Prayer from the Office of Compline

Irish Blessing of a House

“God bless the corners of this house,

and be the lintel blessed,

and bless the hearth,

and bless the board,

and bless each place of rest.

Bless each door that opens wide to strangers and to kin,

and bless each crystal windowpane

that lets the sunshine in.

And bless the rooftree overhead,

and every sturdy wall. 

The peace of man.

The peace of God.

The peace of love to All.”

Pray for Your Family and Protection of Hozana

Hozana lets you join a wide variety of spiritual programs to grow your faith every day! Pray for families on Hozana: say a novena to St. Anne, the grandmother of Jesus Christ, and entrust with Her the families of the world for nine successive days. Pray to St. Joseph to learn His many virtues and bring harmony in your life and in your home. Receive protection from the archangel St. Michael, the commander of God’s celestial army, with this novena to St. Michael.