Family, Online Prayer Programs

 Family life is an adventure: it comes with intense moments of joy and many difficulties and challenges. To make family a place where love grows, where each member can blossom into a better version of themselves, a "small, domestic Church", as John Chrysostom would say, we need the help of the Holy Spirit. Prayer can help us grow and progress as parents, children, or siblings to build a rich, joyful, caring, and safe family life. Hozana offers you to join many prayer communities dedicated to praying for our families: children, fathers, mothers, grandparents, and couples.

Prayers for the Protection and Unity of Families

A family is a sacred place where love can grow. Unfortunately, because of the many challenges of life and the wounds that some can carry, a family can also bring suffering. Many families face conflict and divisions, weakening the bonds between each member. Let us ask Jesus to bring His spirit to these families, protect them and help them grow in holiness. Then, we can entrust them to the Holy Family, the Virgin Mary, and saints who underwent many trials during their lives: St. Anne, St. Rita, etc.

Online novenas and prayer programs can help you find paths of reconciliation to restore peace within your family. 

Novenas for Fathers, Mothers, and Children

What a blessing it is to be a parent, and what a challenge! Being a mother or a father is not always easy: we can struggle to understand our place, our role in the family structure, and to adjust our daily habits to the personal needs of our children. However, it is important to remember that you are not alone:

  • Many wonderful guides, such as St. Joseph of the Virgin Mary, can show you the way. Turn to their help in confidence. 
  • Carry others in your prayers: discover the many communities on Hozana dedicated to supporting and bringing strength to your fellow fathers and mothers by praying for one another. 

Prayers for Couples Facing Challenges

Family starts with the couple: you will find the strength necessary to nurture your family living there. Then, when a couple faces challenges, the rest of the family can feel its impact. Turn to the intercession of saints, such as Sts. Anne and Joachim, restore love, trust, and communication within your couple. You can also join online novenas to entrust the Lord with couples trying for a baby!

Praying with Your Family

Family should be the first place where faith can be expressed and grow. Children and parents alike should see prayer as a special moment which can be shared with their family and Christ. Unfortunately, it isn't always easy to know how to do it: discover prayer programs on Hozana designed to help you pray with your family: make prayer a simple, easy and regular part of your family and couple's life! 

Prayer for Life and Family

Bioethical issues can closely concern families: parents, children, and couples, while keeping an open mind to the suffering of others, can strive for respect and dignity. Nevertheless, protecting families and the sanctity of life should not be forgotten. Therefore, it is important to pray together to understand better the various issues our society faces.