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Saint Christopher, Patron Saint of Travelers

Saint Christopher, Patron Saint of Travelers

Saint Christopher, Patron Saint of Travelers

Saint Christopher is prayed to for protection and vigilance during a trip. He is invoked during trips by car: through the presence of his medal or with the prayers of motorists. But what made this giant the protector of travelers?

Why is Saint Christopher the protector of travelers?

The legend of Saint Christopher reported by Jacques de Voragines in his work Golden Legend, among others, constitutes the main record of Saint Christopher and made him the great patron saint of travelers. Christopher was once a giant, a servant of the devil, who was then converted to Jesus. To serve Christ and make use of his abilities, he offered to help passers-by cross a perilous river. One day, a child showed up wanting to cross. Leaning on his pilgrim's staff, the giant took him on his shoulder and rushed across. Then, the child started to weigh more and more, and the giant felt nearly crushed. Having arrived at the other side, little Jesus revealed himself and explained: “Do not be surprised at what has just happened, by carrying me it is the whole world that you carried and I who created the world”. The giant took the name of Christopher, in Greek meaning “bearer of Christ” and became the patron and protector of all who travel. As he took the Child Jesus on his shoulder, Saint Christopher takes care of the travelers, helping them to reach their proper destination.

Saint Christopher transported the Child Jesus, keeping him safe from all danger. He is the “bearer”, so he logically also acts as the protector of all those who use a means of transport, especially the car. He is the patron saint of motorists, many drivers place a medal of Saint Christopher in their vehicle to protect themselves from road accidents and any danger. On the feast day of Saint Christopher, some parishes offer to bless vehicles and their users.

All Patron Saints of Travelers

Saint Christopher is the most famous patron saint of travelers, however other well-known saints also have this purpose. Saint Raphael is the one who, in the Bible, leads the young Tobit along his journey and protects him, ensuring his success. He is an excellent protector of all who travel the world. Saint Joseph, who led the Holy Family to Egypt, is also invoked to protect travelers. Saint James is considered the patron saint of travelers and especially of pilgrims, hikers and riders. It was the famous pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela that earned him these patronages.

With Hozana, pray to the patron saints of travelers

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