Prayer to St. Anthony for Love

Finding the person God has chosen for us and preparing our hearts to share our life with someone can be complicated. Praying to the saint of miracles, St. Anthony of Padua, protector of lovers, allows us to confide in him our desire to find love. Whether we aren’t married and looking for a spouse, a fiance preparing for marriage or a couple experiencing conjugual difficulties, let us ask St. Anthony for guidance in finding love.

Pray to St. Anthony, Protector of Lovers

Here are two popular prayers asking for guidance to find a wife or husband or, if you are already engaged, for help during your engagement period before marriage.

Prayer to St. Anthony to find a wife or husband

“Admirable Anthony, so glorious for your miracles and for the favor that Jesus showed on you by coming in the guise of the Divine Child to rest in your arms, obtain from His goodness the grace I long for within my heart. You, so compassionate toward poor sinners, pay no attention to my defects, but to the glory of God which will once again be exalted by you and to my eternal salvation, not separated from the request I am now earnestly making.
(Say the grace that lies in your heart)
Let my love and charity towards the poor be a token of my gratitude. May I be given the grace to enter heaven with them through your intercession by the grace of Jesus the Redeemer.

Prayer to St. Anthony for Fiances

“Saint Anthony, great wonder-worker, intercede for us that God may grant us our request if it be for the good of our soul.
Saint Anthony, be our patron, our protector, and our advocate in life and in death.
Saint Anthony, attentive to those who invoke you, grant us the aid of thy powerful intercession for the grace of holy purity, meekness, humility, obedience, the spirit of poverty, and perfect abandonment to the will of God.
Saint Anthony, servant of Mary, obtain for us greater devotion to the blessed Mother of God.

More Prayers to St. Anthony to Fortify Marriage

Once love has been found, it is important to nurture the relationship and take care of it to grow it and make it thrive. Trials and challenges await each couple throughout their lives. We can’t face it alone, and we need God’s help to strengthen us, guide us, and protect us. St. Anthony, who spent much time hearing confessions and listening, can hear our requests and our struggles and lift them up to Jesus. We can turn to St. Anthony and ask for his intercession in the following circumstances:

Entrust Your Couple to the Lord with Hozana!

Whether you are single, married or engaged, experiencing conjugual difficulties or hard times in your family life, you can ask Saint Anne for graces while praying a novena, in communion with hundreds of other prayers.
Pray for one another with Hozana, and share your prayer intentions with the community of faithful.
To revive or deepen your faith, pray daily  with Hozana!