A 13 Day Novena to St. Anthony of Padua (a Tredicina)

A Tredicina or a 13 Day Novena is a prayer which is said over thirteen days.  It is more common to say a novena (prayer over 9 days) to the Saints and to the Virgin Mary.  But in the devotion to St Anthony of Padua, the number 13 has a particular significance because it relates to the date of his death: June 13th, 1231.  

How a 13 Day Novena to St. Anthony Is Done

"Here is the cross of the Saviour!                    
Flee, enemy powers!                                      
The Lion of the tribe of Juda,                        
The offspring of David has won!  Hallelujah!    

Saint Anthony, glorious servant of God, famous for your merits and powerful miracles, help us to find lost things; grant us your aid in our trials; and enlighten our souls in the quest for the will of God.  Help us to obtain the restoration of the grace that our sin destroys and lead us to the glory that was promised by the Saviour.  We ask you, through Christ our Lord.  Amen”

Recite an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory be.  

"Let us present to Jesus our prayers so that, through the intercession of St Anthony, he may pour over us his mercy."

Day 1: the evangelical doctor

"Saint Anthony, you were proclaimed doctor of the Church for your deep theologian’s wisdom, for your example of evangelical life and for your incomparable zeal as Apostle of the Gospel.  Obtain for us from the Lord a firm faith, an upright life, and make us attentive to the teaching of the Church, our mother.  Fashion our life for it to become in accordance with the faith that we profess." (mention prayer request).
Glory be to the Father…
If you like, you may start the first day by reciting the litanies of St Anthony.

Day 2: the help of the dying

"Saint Anthony, you went towards death singing a hymn to the Virgin and saying “I see my Lord”.  We pray you assist us on the last day, to rescue those who are in their agony and to intercede in favour of the souls of our parents and deceased friends.” (mention prayer request)
Glory be to the Father...

Day 3: the peace-maker

"Saint Anthony, you were all your life a peacemaker.  Come to the help of victims of violence, of terrorism and war.  In a world like ours, so full of hatred and blood, enable us always to be witnesses to non-violence, to peace and to promote human life.” (mention prayer request)
Glory be to the Father…..

Day 4 : The friend of Christ

"Saint Anthony, you who overcame the temptations of the devil through the power of the Cross, render us strong and generous to resist evil.  With you, may we be true announcers of the Gospel.” (mention prayer request)
Glory be to the Father....

Day 5 : The help of the unfortunate

"Saint Anthony, you who healed so many sick and so many wounds, make us safe in soul and body. Intercede with the Lord for the healing and health of all those who have asked for the help of our prayers and make us available to the service of the sick, of the aged and of disabled people.”  (mention prayer request)
Glory be to the Father...

Day 6: God’s walker

"Saint Anthony, you walked much over the roads of France and Italy to announce to all the Kingdom of God.  Be the companion of our earthly pilgrimage.  Protect the travellers, the long-haul drivers or teamsters, all drivers , from all the dangers of this world so that by stages they arrive at the road to salvation.”  (mention prayer request)
Glory be to the Father….

Day 7: The faithful companion  

"Saint Anthony, we have recourse to you when we lose small things and you help us to find them, for our peace and our joy.  Help us above all to remain faithful in the big things.  Make it so that we do not lose anything of the essential and that we seek first what God wants for the best for each of us.” (mention prayer request)
Glory be to the Father....

Day 8 : The spiritual master

"Saint Anthony, great master of spiritual life, deliver us from the presumption of thinking we can live without God.  Help us to renew our life according to the spirit of the Gospel and of the Beatitudes, to give a good example and to help those who live near us to grow spiritually.” (mention prayer request)
Glory be to the Father…

Day 9 : The protector of children

"Saint Anthony, whose heart was full of love and tenderness for the child Jesus whom you carried in your arms, bless all our families and bless our children.  Help them to grow in wisdom, in size and in grace, before God and before men.” (mention prayer request)
Glory be to the Father...

Day 10 : The reconciler

"Saint Anthony, you who, during your ministry, guided and gave support to those who came to listen to your words, you became for them the servant of the mercy of God.  Help us to recognise our faults and to receive humbly the sacrament of penitence which reconciles us with God and with our brothers in the same love.”  (mention prayer request)
Glory to the Father...

Day 11 : The sacred author

"Saint Anthony, you left us, as written works, two volumes of “sermons” for the instruction and edification of the Christian people.  We pray to you for those who have the vocation of teaching.  We also pray for the press officers, and those who are in charge of the news.  Conscious of their responsibility, may they sincerely seek the truth and communicate it in all charity.” (mention prayer request)
Glory to the Father...

Day 12 : defender of the poor

"Saint Anthony you who, during your life, always spent yourself for the liberation of prisoners and the defense of the poor person, make us attentive to the message of liberation of the Gospel and that we should live by it, for ourselves and for others.  Give us the courage to protect the weak, the little ones, and the poor from the injustices of the powerful of this world.” (mention prayer request)
Glory be to the Father...

Day 13 : The servant of Mary

"Saint Anthony, since you served and glorified the Virgin Mary so well on this earth, intercede to her mother’s heart for her to always give us Jesus, her son.  On your advice and at your example, may we be generous in doing what he will tell us to do.”  (mention prayer request)
Glory be to the Father...

When do You Start The Tredicina (or Novena) to St. Anthony of Padua?

Traditionally, the tredicina (or the ordinary novena) is said on the thirteen (or nine)days immediately preceding the anniversary of the death of St Anthony.  The 13 day novena is thus begun on June 1st and the ordinary novena on June 5th so both can finish on June 13th.  This period of prayer enables us:

  • To prepare our heart to the feast day of the saint, particularly so within the framework of a collective prayer.
  • To give thanks to this Saint, especially if, thanks to his intercession, God heard our prayers.
  • But also to carry a special intention, during this whole period.

There is also another way of praying to the Saint of Padua, which stretches over several days: that is the Thirteen Tuesdays of Saint Anthony.

Why Say the Tredicina (or 13 day Novena) to St. Anthony of Padua?

This franciscan monk, preacher, confessor and man or great knowledge of the Scriptures and of the human soul, is a powerful ally in our lives and can help us to come close to the Lord.  Miracle-worker Saint, he is capable of doing miracles and obtaining for us divine graces.  For centuries, many Christians entrust to him each day their sufferings and their hopes, particularly those of finding love or of finding what they have lost on the path of life.  

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