Miracle Prayer of St. Anthony of Padua

Saint Anthony of Padua is called the “Saint of Miracles”. Nothing is impossible for this Franciscan monk who held the Child Jesus in his arms during a trance. The number of miracles Saint Anthony of Padua has performed are almost infinite and are the reason for his rapid canonization, only one year after his death. For centuries, many Christians have prayed over this miracle worker’s tomb in Padua to ask for God’s grace and for miraculous healings.

The Miracle Prayer

“O Saint Anthony, the kindest of saints, your love of God and his creatures has made you worthy, on this earth, to possess miraculous powers. I implore you to intervene in my favor. Whisper my prayer to the Child Jesus, who was content to lay in your arms.
(Express your request)
O Saint Anthony, saint of miracles, whose heart was full of compassion, please answer my prayer and I will be forever grateful. Amen”

Give Praise and Thanks to Saint Anthony for His Miracles

An important number of Catholics all over the world are devoted to Saint Anthony. This powerful saint passed away on June 13, 1231, and therefore, some of the prayers occur during 13 days (13 days novena of Saint Anthony of Padua) or even 13 weeks (the 13 Tuesdays of Saint Anthony of Padua). Another wonderful way to pray to Saint Anthony is to recite his Litany. These prayers, which are often community based, allow us to thank Saint Anthony for the prayers answered and also to ask for his protection in all aspects of our lives.

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