Prayer to St Anthony of Padua for Lost Things

St. Anthony of Padua welcomes prayers of those who have lost something.  This Franciscan monk of the XIIIth century, who found some lost manuscripts in a cave, is prayed to by Catholics all over the world to cast light during their searches whether the object of these be material, of the heart, or spiritual.  Here are some prayers to entrust him with your quests.

Prayer to St Anthony to find what is Lost or Forgotten

"Glorious St. Anthony, you have exercised the divine power of being able to find what was lost.  Help me to find the grace of God and render me devoted to the service of God and to virtue.  Enable me to find what I have lost and show me in this way the presence of your kindness.  (Say an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory be)."

Prayer to St.  Anthony for Peace of Mind and Soul  

"Oh Saint Anthony, powerful intercessor, I beg you to take fatherly care of my soul, of my body, of the things in which I am involved and of my whole life; nothing will do me harm as long as I am under such a protector.  Present my requests to the Father of Mercies so that for your merits, he may deign to strengthen me in his service, to console me in my afflictions, to deliver me of all harm and give me the strength to bear with such things for the good of my soul.

You who have received the privilege of enabling the finding of lost things, help me in my conscience, if such is the will of God, to find peace, of which the loss afflicts me more than any other thing in the world… To these graces add that of remaining firm in my faith and never to separate myself from God to whom I owe honour and thanksgiving, now and forever. Amen.”

Other Prayers to St. Anthony for Various Quests.

As protector of lovers, St. Anthony is also prayed to in order to find love or find it again. We can therefore entrust him with our relationship – or our desire for a relationship – and our family (or desire for a family). There are also prayers to this miracle worker saint to obtain graces and ask him for miracles.

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