Prayer to St.Joseph the Worker

If prayer is the way to holiness, work done with patience, courage and humility, for the service of God is also. St. Joseph, the patron saint of workers and artisans, shows us the way. Since 1955, May 1st, Labor Day, was established by Pope Pius XII as also the feast day of St. Joseph the worker. Let us pray to St. Joseph, our daily protecteur and guide, with this beautiful prayer for workers.

This year, the coronavirus epidemic and lockdown have undermined the day to day life of many workers and induced great economic difficulties. Join this novena and confide all of those who are suffering professionally  and economically to St. Joseph.

Prayer to St. Joseph the artisan, by Pope Pius XII

O glorious Patriarch, Saint Joseph, humble and just artisan of Nazareth, thou hast given to all Christians and particularly to us an example of a perfect life through diligent labor and admirable union with Jesus and Mary.

Assist us in our daily work in order that we, Catholic artisans, may also see in it an effective means of glorifying God, of sanctifying ourselves, and of being a useful member in the society in which we live. These should be the highest ideals for all our actions.

O dearest Protector, obtain for us from the Lord humility and simplicity of heart, love for our work and kindness towards our fellow-laborers; conformity to God’s will in the unavoidable trials of this life together with joy in bearing them; recognition of our specific social mission and a sense of responsibility; the spirit and discipline and prayer; docility and respectfulness towards superiors; the spirit of brotherhood towards our equals; charity and indulgence with our dependents.

Accompany us in times of prosperity when the opportunity is given for an honest enjoyment of the fruits of our labors; sustain us in our hours of sadness, when Heaven seems to be shut in our regard, and even the very tools with which our hands toil appear to rebel against us.

Grant that, in imitation of thee, we may keep our eyes fixed on our Mother, Mary, thy dearest Spouse, who as she spun silently in a corner of thy shop would let the sweetest smile course over her lips. Besides, may we never take our eyes off Jesus, Who was busily occupied with thee at the carpenters bench, in order that we in like manner may lead on earth a peaceful and a holy life, a prelude to the life of eternal happiness that awaits us in Heaven for ever and ever. Amen.

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