Thanksgiving Prayer for Families

Starting a family, and welcoming children into your home are great blessings from God. You can pray for your family to ask the Lord to protect it, to keep it united and strong when facing a challenge. But you can also use prayer to thank God for the joy of becoming a parent, and for every moment shared with your children. 

Prayer of Gratitude for Your Children

“Lord, we thank You for the gift of parenthood. It is such an immense blessing and an important mission. Lord, we often forget how much You trust in us by having gifted us with Your precious children.

Help us to always appreciate the blessing of parenthood. Lord, You gave us the vocation of being a parent; these precious children of Yours, O Lord, You offered to us. Teach us to love them like You love us, to fulfill our duty with love, that they always know we will be there for them. 

When the time comes, we will have to step aside and let them make their own decisions: O Lord, hear our prayer, stay with them, protect them, never leave them alone. Grow my faith in Your love. Grant me Your compassion and tenderness. Whatever problems my children may face, let me always be a parent to them.


Example of Thanksgiving Prayer for Baptism

“Father, we thank You and express our gratitude for (Name your child), a gift from heaven that just received the symbol of Your grace. Be (his/her) guide in every circumstance, throughout (his/her) life, and assist us in our mission as parents. 

We thank You for our own Baptism, and ask that You keep us united in Your love. 


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Pray for Your Family on Hozana

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Say a novena to St. Ann, and consecrate your family to Christ’s grandmother for nine successive days. Pray a novena to Joseph the Redeemer: let Jesus’ Foster-Father assist you in your mission as a parent by learning His many virtues. 

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