Parent’s Prayers for Baptism

After your child’s Baptism ceremony, you can, as parents. recite a Parent’s Prayer. There are many already existing prayers, but it can also be an opportunity to take time and think about what you want to ask the Lord for your child. 

Like prayers of the faithful, you can compose this prayer yourselves. Here is some advice and an example to help you in the writing process of this beautiful prayer! 

How to Write a Parent’s Prayer for Baptism? 

In Catholic tradition, parent’s prayers during baptism typically bring focus on two elements:

  • It is a prayer of thanksgiving: parents thank the Lord for the gift of their child and parenthood. It is an occasion to share the joy of receiving the precious gift of life in your home with the Creator of all living things. 

  • It is a petition: parents entrust their child to God, as well as their role as a mother or father. While writing the prayer, it is important that you remember you are not so much asking the Lord to grant your wishes for the future of your child, as you are asking Him to give your child the necessary virtues and graces to live his life as a child of God. Ask God for guidance in fulfilling your mission as parents and educators. 

Parent’s Prayer for Baptism Example

  • Prayer of Thanksgiving“Lord, you blessed us with the immense joy of becoming parents on the day (Name) was born. We are filled with gratitude; thank You for every moment that we are and will spend with (him/her), and for all the love that we graciously share with (him/her).”

  • Petition“We pray You to stay close to (him/her) throughout (his/her) life. May You keep (him/her) in Your light, and give (him/her) the strength to walk proudly the path to Your Kingdom. Guide us throughout parenthood, that we may teach (him/her) to become Your faithful servant and a caring, generous and truthful Christian. Always be in our home, O Lord.”

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