Mother's Prayer

As a mother, you only want the best for our children of God… And so does our Heavenly Father! You can entrust your children to the Lord with prayer: by doing so, you are allowing them to discover God’s infinite love for His children, and opening their eyes to His plan. It is important to pray for parents, and so is to pray for your children.

“Mothers’ prayers”  is also the name of a Christian community founded by Veronica Williams that aims at forming prayer groups composed of mothers. The group members join in communities to pray for their children and grandchildren. You too can join a prayer group close to your home!

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A Mother’s Prayer for Her Children

“Lord, you made me a mother. Blessed are You for this gift!

You entrusted Your beloved children to me, that I can love them too.

Allow me to find joy in every moment shared with them.

May my heart always be filled with wonder when I see this wonderful being You created. 

Teach me to guide them on the path of life, to walk it with trust, kindness and good morals. 

May my arms, with Your help, always be their nest,

But may they also learn to spread their wings and discover who You mean them to be.

Breathe Your fatherly love through me, that I may love them as You love us: Your love is infinite and merciful, it frees us and gives us life.

Lord, sanctify me, make me grow every day to become the mother you want me to be.


Pray for Your Family with Hozana

Discover the many prayer communities on Hozana. Hozana is here to help you pray every day and grow your relationship with God, by offering you to join spiritual programs with other Christians around the world. 

Pray for your family with Hozana: Pray a novena to St. Ann, Jesus Christ’s grandmother, and entrust your family to her!

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