Prayer for Mothers

Parent’s prayers allow you to entrust your child to the Heavenly Father, and to thank Him for the beautiful gift of parenthood. You can for the parents by saying a prayer for mothers, especially on Mother’s Day. By giving life, they take on one of the most beautiful, but challenging missions in the world. Life as a mother is filled with joys, and sometimes, sorrows. The Virgin Mary knows well how much motherhood is a path to sainthood. Let’s pray to the Virgin Mary to ask Her for help in fulfilling your mission as a mother!

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Prayer to The Virgin Mary for Mothers

“Mary, Mother of Christ,
Mother of Faith, most devoted Disciple of Your Son,
You allowed Jesus to grow in maturity and grace
in the home of Nazareth;
We commend all the mothers to Your care. 

May You teach them to be faithful to their mission,
may they always be their children’s givers of life through their kindness and generous attention.
May You teach them to be mindful of what is growing to maturity in the hearts of their sons and daughters;
may they know to receive as much as they can give;
may they recognize the riches of the hearts and spirits of the ones they must help grow.”

Pray for Mothers on Hozana!

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