Father’s Prayer

Much like mothers, fathers have a beautiful and difficult role. It is important to say parent’s prayers, meant to guide and accompany parents in their mission. Prayer can also be a beautiful means to accompany your child as a father. Catholic Deacon Maurice Williams helped his sister Veronica create “Mother’s Prayer”, a movement assembling mothers in prayer for their children. In 2004, he founded a similar prayer community for fathers, called “Father’s Prayers”.

Discover the community’s prayer.

A Father’s Prayer for His Children

“O Lord our God, we thank you for the gift

of fatherhood and ask for your help

when we are in difficulties and

when we fail to carry out our responsibilities,

to love and to protect our families.

We want to turn away from the things

that separate us from you.

Please guide our lives and inspire us

in all that we do.

Lord, give us the strength and guidance we need

to fulfil our role, to accept our proper place

in society as fathers, following the example of

Joseph the husband of Mary.

We ask you, Lord, for your protection over the

women and children you have placed in our care;

please guard them against any evil or harmful influence.

Lord, please bless Mothers Prayers, Fathers Prayers

and Children of Faith that they will each continue

to be guided by the Holy Spirit.


Pray for Fathers with Hozana

Hozana lets you join a wide variety of spiritual programs to help you enrich your oratory content. Discover prayer communities dedicated to families in Hozana! Pray for fathers with a novena to St. Joseph, and entrust the fathers’ mission to Jesus’ Holy Foster-Father.

Say a novena to St. Ann, Mary’s mother, and pray for the families of the world for nine successive days. 

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