Miraculous Prayer to Saint Expedite

In times of despair, when we lack time and feel like nothing can save a situation, it is crucial to put our troubles into God’s hands through prayer.  St. Expedite, a Roman martyr and object of venerated saint in numerous countries, can help us. His ability to make quick decisions in delicate situations has made him the Saint of urgent cases!

Saint Expedite, a Remedy in Urgent Situations

The miraculous prayer is a prayer which is traditionally addressed to Saint Expedite when the situation seems desperate. It fortifies us in the trials, gives us courage and discernment, it can lead to solutions we had no more hope for, hence its name “miraculous prayer”. It suits all kinds of problems we might encounter in our personal or professional lives. In Brasil, Saint Expedite’s intercession is highly requested by unemployed people to help them and support them in their search for a job.

There exists other prayers to Saint Expedite, more specific to some cases: prayer in the case of a conflict or a lawsuit, prayer for examinations, prayer against evil...

The Miraculous Prayer to St. Expedite

Through this prayer, we ask for Christ’s assistance and for immediate support from Saint Expedite. This prayer can be recited with our whole hearts for several days. You can recite it as a novena everyday for nine days. There also exists a specific novena to Saint Expedite.

Miraculous Prayer to St. Expedite

"My Saint Expedite of urgent and just causes, please intercede for me with Our Lord Jesus Christ. Succor me in this hour of affliction and despair, my Saint Expedite. You who are a Holy warrior, You who are the Saint of the afflicted, You who are the Saint of the desperate, you who are the Saint of urgent causes, Protect me, Help me, Give me Strength, Courage and Serenity.
Hear my plea. ____________
 (Clearly express what you want, and ask him to find a way to get it to you.)
My Saint Expedite, help me to prevail through these difficult hours, protect me from all those who want to harm me, respond to my plea with urgency. Bring me back to the state of peace and tranquillity, my Saint Expedite. I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life and I will speak your name to all those who have faith. Amen."
(Now promise to give Saint Expedite a specific offering when your desire is granted.)
(Say one Our Father, one Holy Mary, and make the sign of the cross.)

In Difficult Times, Hozana Helps You to Pray

Prayer is of precious help when going through difficult times. Confide your troubles to Jesus Christ and pray to the Lord in communion with others in the Hozana communities: If you are looking for another Saint to intercede for you in an urgent or desperate situation, pray to Saint Rita, Saint of Impossible Cases.