Prayers to St. Expedite in Times of Conflict

In times of conflict or litigation, especially when in need of speed, entrust your prayers to Saint Expedite. This saint demonstrated swift discernment during his life and is therefore an efficient resort when in need of quickly resolving conflicting situations through prayer.

Prayer for a Fair Outcome in a Conflictual Situation

In the case of conflict, we usually look for help or advice : St. Expedite, and through him our Lord, seems to be the most appropriate expert!  When the possibility of calm discussion becomes impossible, we may feel distraught and tempted to react with anger and resentment, especially when the stakes are high. It is difficult to keep our hearts compassionate and merciful, as Christ asks us to, when confronted with people who we feel are not respecting our rights. Through our prayers to St. Expedite, we do not ask for a victory serving financial success or personal ambition, but rather, a fair outcome, respectful to both parties and most importantly, faithful to God’s will.

“O Saint Expedite, for your love of God, you were martyred after an unfair trial. May both sides of this conflict be enlightened, may we be merciful and forgive our adversaries, may we recognize our faults and errors, overcome our ego and accept a calm end to this situation which offenses the infinite mercy of our Lord and to whom we offer the whole ordeal in total soumission and humility. Amen
O Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us.

Saint Expedite, mediator of litigations, pray for us.”

There are also prayers for protection against adversity and evil when we feel vulnerable and weak. We can also offer a novena to Saint Expedite, a novena is a prayer recited over nine days.

Prayer to Speed up the Outcome

For urgent situations, St. Expedite comes to the rescue! He can therefore also be prayed to in situations needing rapid decisions or when the conflict drags on. Sometimes, it can be difficult to stay calm and act wisely when the deadline draws near. St. Expedite can help us open our hearts to the Holy Spirit, to allow ourselves to be guided, and to obtain the grace of abandonnement with confidence, to the will of the Lord.

“O Saint Expedite, we humbly ask for your haste in coming to our aide. May your immediate and sure intervention obtain for us, from our Lord, the saving grace of a happy and swift solution and may we remain completely confident in our Lord’s sovereign wisdom. Amen
Saint Mary, mother of God, pray for us.
Saint Expedite, our savior in urgent matters, pray for us.”

In emergencies and when the situation seems hopeless, we can revert to the Miraculous Prayer of Saint Expedite.

Pray the Saints who Protect Us with Hozana

We can entrust our daily difficulties to Saint Joseph, who, as a father, knows how to receive our domestic, profesional, relational and familial problems, let us pray to saint Joseph everyday with Hozana.
Our guardian angel’s mission is to protect and guide us. Fortify your relationship with your guardian angel with Hozana!
Saint Rita is the saint of hopeless cases. If you feel desperate, come and pray to Saint Rita with Hozana!
During all of our trials and tribulations, we can always count on the infinite maternal love of the Virgin Mary. Pray to Mary  with Hozana!

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