Prayers for a Struggling Relationship

Finding a soulmate is hard... but making your relationship last is a whole other thing! Life as a couple is not easy: you can grow tired of the routine, feel tempted, lie, fall victim to your own ego, etc. Needless to say, there are many ways a couple can go through a crisis. How can you save your relationship? How to rekindle the love? Praying with faith and complete trust is a beautiful way to entrust your questions to the Father - even if it is hard! Prayer can change your perspective, and give you a clean new slate to work on with your spouse. 

A Prayer to Heal a Relationship

“He (she) was my friend, my beloved. Now it feels like we are best enemies. 

There is not exactly a war between us, but there is not exactly peace either. 

There he (she) is, always ready to shoot in every space we share: the living room, the table, the bed.

His (her) behaviour, and the way he (she) talks remind me every time how he (she) irritates me. He (she) doesn't seem to mind the things that drive me mad.

How can I tell him (her)? 

Come inhabit our heart, Lord, so he (she) can understand.

And bring peace to mine, I cannot wait for a change. Show me my share of responsibility in this situation, what makes it hard for me to love my spouse. 

For if I fight the bitterness that poisons my heart, will my love not be renewed and grow more strong?

We need to understand the expectations of one another to stay united in this marriage. 

I need to change my outlook on him (her), that I may look at them with trust, and not wariness, with forgiveness and not suspicion, with faith and not despair. 

Change our hearts, that we may taste the joy you promised. 

Transform our hearts, that we may give space to one another. 

Oh Lord, come bless my spouse. 


Prayer to Louis and Zelie Martin 

Louis and Zelie Martin, 

you who lived a happy marriage, and were devoted parents; you are the models of an exemplary Christian life, ever mindful of your duties and the observance of the values of the Gospel. Hear our prayers!

May your unwavering faith in God and your perpetual abandonment to His Will inspire us, through joys and difficulties, and the same pains and grief you experienced throughout your life. May you encourage us to persevere in the face of daily challenges, and to always stay trust in Christian joy and hope. 

Intercede on our behalf to the Father, that we may obtain the graces we need for this pilgrimage on earth. May we enjoy eternal life.


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