Prayers for a Couple

Life as a couple: a beautiful, yet difficult adventure ! Many people pray to find a soulmate. But once love is found, it still needs to be properly maintained. Prayer is a great way to allow for love to grow and bloom. Invite God to the center of your relationship, and at the heart of your marriage: offer Him regularly the joys and pains of conjugal life, entrust Him with your spouse… This is the key to a strong and durable love. Here are two prayers for a couple that you can recite alone, or with your partner!

Prayer to St. Rita for Harmony in Your Couple

“O Glorious Saint Rita, 

grant that my couple may have the strength to stay faithful to the Lord and ourselves. 

Take care of us, bless our pilgrimage on this earth, for God’s glory and our happiness. 

May nothing disturb our harmony. May our home prosper, O saint Rita. 

May the angels of peace assist you in removing harm and conflict from our home,

may your spirit of charity reign in our hearts. 

May there only be love that unites us together. 


Daily Couple Prayer

“Lord Jesus, most Holy Father, 

We thank you and bless your Holy Name. 

You created us and blessed our union, so we may each support one another. 

Remember us today;

Protect us and grant us that our love may reflect the Love of Christ, an example of commitment. 

Give us the grace to live long together, in joy and peace, so our heart always rise up to meet you

Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord


Why Pray for Your Couple? 

The euphoria of joyful moments, the pain of hard times, the dullness of routine… relationships are filled with highs and lows. Loving someone - no matter how strongly - can be challenging. Love needs care and attention: it needs sustenance, such as tenderness, humour… and prayer

To entrust God with your relationship is to: 

  • Allow yourself to be guided by the very source of all love. See how the Lord loves us as we are, He leaves us freedom of choice, He offers Himself to us unreservedly - take His example to learn to love better. When you find that your relationship is being tested, ask the Lord for guidance with prayers for struggling relationships

  • Allow the living breath of the Holy Spirit to bring a new air to your relationship, to help it thrive, grow, and always move it to the next level. All throughout your life as a couple, you should pray to obtain the strength to face new challenges: say prayers for your family, for your children

Grow Spiritually with Hozana

On Hozana, you can join hundreds of prayer communities to learn to grow closer to God every day with prayer! Say a novena to St. Rita, and pray to the patron saint of impossible causes to ask for her guidance at every difficult step of your life! 

Pray every day with Hozana, and enjoy a time of relaxation with a reading and meditation on the daily Gospel.