The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic

The Lord’s Prayer has been the central Christian prayer since the day Jesus taught it to his disciples. It is prayed by Christians across the globe and translated into every language, but one version of the prayer is particularly moving: The original Our Father in Aramaic. Twenty-one centuries ago, Jesus Christ spoke that language to teach us The Lord’s Prayer. As a matter of fact, the Chaldean Catholic Church still uses this version during its services.

Our Father in Aramaic

“Abwoon d'bwashmaya 

Netqaddash shmakh 

Tete malkutakh 

Nekhvwey tsebyannakh 

Aykanna d'bashmaya aph b'arha

Habwlan lakhma d'sunqananan yaomana 

Washbwoqlan khaubayn 

Aykana daph khnan shbwoqan l'khayyabayn 

Wela tahlan le'ynesyuna. 

Ela patzan min bisha 

Metul dilakhe malkutha 

Wahayla wateshbukhta l'ahlam almin


Let Us Unite Our Prayers with Hozana

By saying The Lord’s Prayer in original Aramaic, we can enter in communion with our brothers and sisters across the globe. With Hozana, you can discover a large variety of communities dedicating their prayers to the sick, to the youth, to love… Join Hozana and reflect upon the diversity of the Church as you pray with your fellow Christian brothers and sisters!

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