Prayers to Find or Fortify Your Love

Finding a soulmate, falling in love, facing the storms of life as a couple with your partner, loving one another no matter what. Love is an adventure, a challenge that demands all of our engagement. It is a source of both deep joy and doubt. Love can cause us pain; it can shake our whole being. We find God at the heart of this relationship with another (whether you are already in one or still searching for your soulmate), waiting to show us how. God is Love. He can help us open our hearts to others and offer and receive ourselves. Whether you are celibate, in a relationship, engaged or married, let us pray together to find our soulmates and grow with love in our lives. 

Prayers and Novenas for Single People

Depending on the person experiencing it, celibacy can feel easy or overwhelming. Watching couples around us build their lives and families together can put pressure on single people, who might think that they have been celibate for a bit too long. However, celibacy can be a healthy and rich period of growth: it can be an opportunity to learn to know ourselves better, understand the fullness of God’s graces, and figure out what we need to do to shine!

Entrust your hopes to the Lord, open your heart to Him and learn to find the way to your soulmate with the many online prayer communities on Hozana: pray during Valentine’s Day or any time you’d like!

Pray for Your Couple: Make it Strong, Make it Grow

Whether your couple is young, marked with joy and marvel, or more experienced and strengthened by the trials of life, you need to nurture it. A healthy couple is a couple where each member is always ready to evolve and watch the other do the same without feeling threatened. “I do” is a promise made during a marriage that must be renewed every day. To help us grow this love in maturity and accept the trials that come with life as a couple, we can take some time alone or together to pray to the Lord: pray for the one you love, and entrust your hopes and projects to God. 

Entrust Your Wounds and Hardships to God

If your loved one has caused you pain, and your couple is no longer a haven of peace and tenderness, you can turn to Mary and entrust Her with your troubles: She works to heal relationships. Jesus came down to earth to endure every one of our sufferings. He will always hear your prayers, help you go through challenges, and show you how to heal your wounds. So entrust your pain to the Lord, and pray with a community that understands you with online novena and prayer programs on Hozana.