Prayers for Engaged Couples

Before celebrating the beautiful Sacrament of Marriage, during which the bride and groom can recite a wedding prayer, it is Good that you start praying for your couple: being engaged is an important step in your relationship, and it is a perfect occasion to learn more about each other, while presenting your love to the Lord.

Whether you plan to bless your engagement with a Mass ceremony, or not, you can always mark the occasion by expressing your gratitude to God, and ask Him for help. It is important to entrust Him with your relationship, because it can help you be more assured as you begin your journey together! Here are a few engagement prayer samples, and our advice on how to write your perfect engagement prayer!

Three Beautiful Prayers for An Engagement

In My Heart, O Lord

“In my heart, Oh Lord, did my love grow for this person You know and cherish.
It is You Who placed them on my path, just like you created Eve to keep company to Adam.
I thank You for this gift, it fills me with an unspeakable joy, and I am drawn closer to You: God, You are Love incarnate. With Your help, I understand the true value of this life you graced me with. 

Do not let me waste the love You infused in my heart: teach me that love is a grace, it cannot stand selfishness; love is pure, it cannot stand corruption; love is fruitful, it must lead us to a new way of life. 

Lord, I pray You:
For this person, who is waiting and thinking of me.
For this person, who hopes in a future with me.
For this person, who will walk by my side on this pilgrimage on earth.
Make us worthy of one another: may we each incarnate a true support. 

Help us prepare for our marriage and all the responsibilities of our engagement. May our minds govern our bodies as we share this love. 


A Prayer to the Spouses of Nazareth

“O Mary, Immaculate Virgin of Nazareth, you loved and married Joseph, a descendant of David: with him, you lived through times of grace and hardships, determined to accomplish the Will of the Most High.

To You, Mary, I entrust my spouse (N.), for you are their Mother in Heaven. May they be filled with Your Son Jesus’ wisdom at your command. Grant, O Mary, that our engagement may live up to the Lord’s Plan.

O righteous Joseph, Guardian of the Word Incarnate, model for every man, your faith was exemplary and pure: you were not afraid to marry Our Mother Mary, pregnant with Jesus; you fled to Egypt, and you raised the Son of God as your own.

To You, Joseph, I come to ask for help. Watch over us, (N.) and (N.); grant us to be pure of heart and body, pure in our sight and gestures, for purity is the source of true joy. Help us be pure during our engagement, and throughout our married life! Help me, O Joseph, and help (him/her), grant us clarity in all our choices. 

Most holy family of Nazareth, guard and guide us!

All ye holy angels, protect us!

All ye holy guardians, pray for us!


A Prayer (Duet) for an Engagement Party

The bride to be: “Lord, help us to fully experience our engagement in joy, faith and prayer, surrounded by our family and friends.”

The groom to be: “We know that Your love will make our couple stronger and stronger every day, it will help us face the challenges of our daily lives.”

B.t.b.: “Lord, we pray that our love may grow with joy and simplicity.”

G.t.b.: “Help us on our journey, that together we may progress in this life, with complete trust in our engagement and in the Sacrament of Marriage.”

B.t.b.: “Help us to learn discernment, accompany us on our path, that we may always walk freely, with confidence in Your presence.”

How to Write Your Engagement Prayer: Our Advice

Engagement prayers, like wedding prayers (that you can recite during the wedding ceremony), are composed of two elements: 

  • A prayer of thanksgiving, to thank the Lord for allowing you to meet your future spouse, and letting you see them through His eyes: thanks to His sight, you can see what a wonderful and unique person they are!

  • A prayer of petition, to ask for God’s presence in your relationship, helping you be prepared as your wedding approaches: you can notably ask God to help you truly explore and examine the depth of your love for your future spouse (with total respect of their individuality). 

You can use a traditional prayer, or write a special prayer to make the moment more personal. Writing your prayer together can become a great opportunity to share your feelings with one another: discussing your feelings, your hopes and fears will allow you to be more confident on the day of your wedding. 

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