Prayer for Liberation

We, humans, are the product of History: our experiences and relationships built us up, but sometimes; they may also have weakened us, caused us to be overwhelmed by emotions, schemes and even addictions. Healing prayers can bring you relief and liberate you from this sort of pain. If you are suffering from problems of a psychological and emotional nature, you can say prayers for deliverance and liberation, notably by reciting the Rosary of Liberation

Put your troubles in the hands of Jesus Christ. God wants us to be free: on the day of Baptism, we are freed from sin. Let’s honor His gift by welcoming His Holy Spirit; may It liberate us from everything that keeps us from loving and receiving His love!

Short Prayer for Liberation

“O God, by adopting Your graceI became  a child of Your Light. I implore You to release me from darkness and evil. Let me always live in the glory and the splendor of the freedom You provided me. Through Christ, Our Lord.


Prayer for the Liberation of the Soul

“Almighty Father, most Holy Lord, I call to You in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ, Who won over all the forces of Evil.

I beg You to heal me and deliver me from all that keeps me from receiving the love You offer Your children. Breathe through me Your Holy Spirit, that It may deliver me and bring me Your peace. 

Heal and deliver my thoughts from darkness and obscurity: prejudice, doubt and confusion. 

Heal and deliver me from painful memories and traumas that I have carried all throughout my life: do not let it burden me any longer.

Heal my mind, and protect me from delirious thoughts, illusions and hallucinations.

Heal the wounds on my heart, and deliver me from selfishness, self-pity, resentment, apathy, and every other malevolent feeling. 

Heal my soul and deliver me from subjugation, temptation, obsession, oppression, pride, intolerance, weakness and deviation.

Heal and deliver me from unstable feelings, oversensitivity and overwhelming emotions; from persistent shyness, shame and guilt; from feelings of inadequacy and rejection; from anxiety, fear, insomnia, and sadness; do not let me become tired of life. 

Heal me and deliver me from every addiction : drugs, alcohol, tobacco and worldly attachments. 

Heal me and deliver me from deviations, whether I inherited them or was pressured into doing them by my peers, or my family. Deliver me from events in my past that could prevent me from reaching internal freedom. 

Heal me and deliver me from negativity, pain, and bad influences.

Father of mercy, deliver me from anything that could prevent me from enjoying a sincere conversion of heart, and from committing my freedom to Your service. 

Lord Jesus, Lamb of God, purify me. Your will be done in me. 


Discover the Liberating Power of Prayer with Hozana

Hozana allows you to practice daily prayer by offering you to join a wide variety of spiritual programs. Discover the prayer communities on Hozana, and learn to reach spiritual freedom by praying every day: pray a novena to the Divine Mercy of Jesus Christ, open your heart to the Holy Spirit, and receive its 7 gifts, or simply enjoy a time of relaxation with a reading and meditation on the Daily Gospel.

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