Healing Prayer for a Loved One

Sometimes, when seeing a parent, a child, a friend, or a spouse afflicted by an illness, we may feel desperate. Healing prayers allow you to entrust your loved ones to the Lord.

“Lord, the one you love is sick.” (John 11:3)

Said with fervor, a prayer always bears fruit: if not healing, it can bring comfort, support, relief and peace to the sick who are facing a challenge at both the physical and spiritual level. 

Powerful Prayer for Healing of A Loved One

Lord God, we place all our times in your hands. We place all diseases, ailments and injuries at your call and bidding. We pray that You redeem our life from annihilation and crown us with Your loving kindness and tender mercies. We believe that you have heard our prayer, and ask for the healing of our loved one [name], who is now indisposed.

May he/she live to declare Your works Oh Lord, as you have delivered his/her eyes from tears, his/her feet from falling, and his/her soul from death.

May he/she inquire daily, “What shall I render unto the Lord for all his benefits towards me.”

Let all of us and our loved ones remember that healing is only a reprieve and that someday we will go to our rest in the Lord. Amen.”

Prayer to The Virgin Mary for Healing of a Sick Child

“O Mother Mary, I pray to You for this sick child (name the child here).

You are Our Mother and we are Your children.

You know all that we need.

This child is very ill: I implore You, hold (him/her) close to Your chest, be a Mother to (him/her).

In the Name of Jesus, I ask You to bring health to this child: bless (him/her), now and always. 


Pray for the Sick on Hozana

Hozana is a social network designed to connect you in prayer with your Christian brothers and sisters around the world. Join prayer communities to unite your voices in saying healing prayers for the sick. You can also say a novena to Our Lady of Lourdes, and pray for your own healing or the  healing of a loved one for nine successive days.