Thank You My Guardian Angel

We often pray for the intercession and help of the saints and angels, to obtain graces from God. But how often do we think about thanking them, once we obtain what we prayed for?

It is only fair to express your gratitude to everyone who lended you their help in times of need. Our guardian angels always watch over us, and help us in silent ways, even when we don’t notice it. Therefore, it is important that we thank them. 

Here is a prayer of thanksgiving to the guardian angel

Act of Thanksgiving to The Guardian Angel

“O most faithful companion, whom God has appointed to watch over me, my guide and my protector, ever at my side. What thanks can I offer you for your love, your constancy, and your innumerable benefits? 

You watch over me in sleep; you console me in sorrow; you raise me when I fall; you ward off danger; you prepare me for the future; you withdraw me from sin; you urge me to good; and move me to do penance, and reconcile me with my God. 

Do not desert me, I beg you: encourage me in adversity; restrain me in prosperity; protect me in dangers; and assist me in temptations. Offer to the Divine Majesty all my prayers and sighs and works, and obtain for me the grace to die in the friendship of God, and so to enter into life eternal. 


Prayer to the Angels on Hozana

The prayer communities on Hozana are designed to help you enrich your oratory content. 

Say a novena to the Angels on Hozana, pray nine days for their powerful intercession on your behalf. 

Say a novena to St. Michael Archangel, and receive his protection through prayer.