Prayers for Holy Thursday

Holy Week leads to Easter Sunday. Each day before that marks an important moment of the Passion of Christ: Holy Thursday commemorates the Last Supper of Jesus with the Apostles. During Mass, we take the Holy Communion in remembrance of Jesus breaking bread and sharing wine with His disciples. We renew our communion with the Lord at every Mass, during the Sacrament of the Eucharist. It is a symbol of charity and brotherhood. 

Three Holy Thursday Prayers

Prayer of Thanksgiving for Holy Thursday

“You gave Your life to us, like the bread on the table you broke into pieces and shared.
Now anyone who holds out their hand and heart can receive it and feed.

You gave Your life to us, like the wine You poured in the cup and shared.
Now anyone who offers their lips can drink and rejoice. 

You gave us everything, O Lord Jesus,
and you offered your life like bread and wine. 
Now the entire world can taste the love of God You shared freely with all the children of the earth! 

Here we are, O Lord, holding out our hands and hearts!“

Prayer of Grace for Holy Thursday Evening

“Jesus, Your love is eternal. We offer You a place in our home and in our hearts. Come, help us open our door to You, stay with us. Bring us Your peace and Your joy.”

You can leave an empty seat at dinner for Jesus, to remind everyone that He is invited to your home.

Prayer of Praise for Holy Thursday

“Lord Jesus, Your Last Supper is the first Eucharist: You even gave a place to the one who betrayed You. You gave everything to fill the void of Your absence. Blessed are You, O Servant King!”

Holy Week Prayers

Holy week is the perfect time to practice daily prayer: each day of Holy Week helps you prepare for Easter Sunday by reliving the passion of Christ all throughout the week. For example, you can meditate on the Passion and death of Jesus Christ with prayers for Good Friday; you also can commemorate this day by praying the Stations of the Cross

It is tradition to celebrate Holy Week at Church, but you can also celebrate at home, and say prayers for Easter Vigil and Easter Day!

Prepare Your Heart for Easter with Hozana

Hozana helps you practice daily prayer by offering you to join hundreds of prayer communities. Prepare for Easter Day by celebrating the Holy Week with Hozana: discover The Brothers of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist's spiritual program to pray each day of Holy Week

Lay back and enjoy a moment of meditation and peace by praying with the daily Gospel. Connect with the roots of Christianity by reflecting on the words of the Fathers of the Church